The poem can be summed up as a piece of advice to latecomers.
This poem is about abuse
about living in a language you don't understand.
We all have a choice between heaven and hell
The young and covid
Selfcontrol and feelings
A poem about him. But more so about her. About her complexities and her...
Something from the heart
The poem is about a family who cannot stand each other to the point...
Finding something in nothing
Watching my parents get a divorce
This is poem about two lovers.
This poem is about faith
It's about Darkness and Light
“Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door....
Love gone wrong
No more hope comes from outside
This poem is about the current political condition involving justice in the US.
master and slave
a simple poem of a love and what a man sees
the vague inception ova protagonist and/or antagonist meanders her/his way thru the labyrinth of...
I dont handle emotions well. So when feeling becomes overwhelming... I turn it off.
Trying to capture the peace of early lockdown.
It's about my morning
Depression or rain or both
This Sonnet is about my feelings towards God and how it ties together with...
I wrote this after the loss of a friend in a brutal way and...


Reflecting on what is wanted in a significant other
rhythm views from unique perspective.
Confused lovers
The poem summarises the fancies from my village when i was growing up
NOTE: when the sun goes down and darkness approaches we are self imminent of...
It's about all thought who have been judged and told they need to be...
First published in 'Popshot Magazine'.