It is about contemplating the mysteries and paradoxes of Reality
it is about fear that prevents me from reaching my full potential


On intuition
Tribute to the kids who suffer abused.
About how two people met. Their struggle in love and finally how they achieved...
It’s about a birthday celebrated in Portimao with my husband
Its about how god is love and always will be
crazy,fun and weird
A family who cannot stand each other.
It’s about friends going separate ways.
This poem touches some very real topics like suicide and depression.
It depicts the day to day habit of expecting too much from people.
state between childhood and adulthood and escaping into a fantasy world
Right girl. Wrong time.
A closer look at loss
A short description of somebody I love
My daughters mom passed away, I wrote this to maybe someday explain it to...
About my love , i was inspired by the rememberance of my love
I wrote this poem 25 minutes after an attempted suicide.
about life and its struggles
Still the weather
The boredom of lockdown and the difficulty in feeling.
A song of the unknown and rebirth
Running away from the one that loves you until you can't and then losing...
I've always wanted to write about this subject; I dont want to give it...
This item is about perseverance. It was written in the hardest times of my...
The Spanish Civil War
The poem solemnity takes a toil around what we human face, see, come across...
Self explanatory.
Pain and grief inspired me to do this.Pain of unrequieted love and passing on...
Remembering to love yourself and no one is perfect.
The feeling of slipping into a memory that you no longer want to think...