Random Thoughts
It's about Darkness and Light
a poem about living life and taking risks.
Being miles, states, and countries away from my girlfriend has been incredibly hard for...
Falling in love
its about how one has lost a loved one. someone wishing they had said...
It's about the struggles a poet endures whilst coming up with their work
this poem is about the rise of Africa from the dust to the mountains
A poem about a friend who killed herself when I was 18
A thesis of poetry
In this poem i spoke of my soul which mostly seemed mysterious to me,...
A poem which tells of survival instincts.
A motivational poem about success.
Self-centred, abusive, manipulative
A poem about the frailty of human life
A poem about outgrowing the space you're in.
I am purposefully and wonderfully made in God When you look at a work...
Maybe only read this if you're 12years+ old?
The things we’ve been through become apart of us
I've always wanted to write about this subject; I dont want to give it...
A humorous poem about drinking
Street Photography in Norwich and met this gentleman
This is a poem about my cat!
Its about something that had to be sutured and the moon inspired me 
The poem is about God and because He is who He is, I can...
Dealing with Life
A poetic commentary on reaching a perfect inner balance with yourself and the world...