It is dedicated to Venezuela, my motherland currently facing dark times.


On intuition
Roundabout describes an encounter of being followed in a small town for being different...
Dealing with Life
Chemistry was my first poem composed from a park bench in Romford in Gidea...
Life on a train
it is about a desperation situation in which this individual does not see any...
making a choice is never easy; especially when you have to choose between love...
The boredom of lockdown and the difficulty in feeling.
The poem is about a little girl who gets lost and the dad tries...
How the moon did destroy two lovers.
Lies are interesting, lying has been knotted in heart of men but the truth...
Surviving a Domestic violence relationship the ending of
a look on current events
An homage to my late mum
this poem is about business in america
I like walking downtown on cool summer nights toward the club venues.
It’s about a birthday celebrated in Portimao with my husband
A long forgotten long distance friendship
this poem is about two poem who have similar friends though one refuse to...
Appreciate friends
the crass consumerism this and every other holiday became - making a mockery of...
A humorous poem about drinking
a poem about the trauma of a romantic break up 
Your life is meant to be yours, but societies norms takes you away from...
this poem is about my perception and optimism
This poem is about solar eclipse..
A family who cannot stand each other.