Falling in love
It's about acknowledging and remembering the burdens of our past and future generations.
I remember the feeling it always gave me... tempting me to go deeper....
Wanting to say is one thing , being able to is another ting entirely.
One sided love
an embarrassing situation way back in the throes up of grade school years.
Caducity of life and loss of primary life assumptions, short of breath of uncertainty...
This is about human nature and how we try to handle our own problems...
The feeling of wanting to be alone, yet wanting company at the same time.
My father and the unconditional love and support he has shown me and my...
The Embrace of Love
Dealing with Life
Dreams, desires, id and ego.


One illustrates the strength of love. It describes how it feels to finally meet that one...
are our thoughts really our thoughts?
It's all about a desire for passionate love
this poem is about struggling to find the good out of the pandemic
Poem describing the contrast in the eastern society
This is an observation and reaction to projections that caused long-time frustration.
Going through a tough time Isolating
About the poem: the poem deals on summer and further reach it out with...
I want peace.
As a Coffin sees you & me...
loving someone so much but you cant have them so you end up settling...
Recent poems taken by Mario Vitale
NOTE: the poem is talking about belles and the wealthy using the word beauties...
This is poem about two lovers.
Evergreen Serenade describes the evening sunset as it falls upon the forest.