I wrote this poem on Last Valentine's day, 2015. I was inspired by all...
stream of built up tension
Solitary musings about perspective that I wrote while fasting in the Utah desert.
It is about the glorification of the armed forces and the demonisation of the...
real experience
This poem is about me and what I like to do.  It just came...
I wrote this for all Christians who believe in Jesus
It’s about creating another world and with words
This poem describes the fumes within all of us and the need to vent...
thar waz hut time thoughts of sexual lust crowd sourced any other issue to...
Perspective is altered by the light we use to perceive.
master and slave
A story in the color red
It is about how I feel today about the virus
A motivational poem about success.
I wrote this last year,However with the recent events taking place to commemorate the...
It is dedicated to a friend who died.
how sadness can lead to a downfall of a person
A reflection of shopping on Monday.
unknown man returns
It is dedicated to Venezuela, my motherland currently facing dark times.

The poem is a reminder of one to believe in herself/himself.
I like putting words together i feel match like painters put colors together
It’s about feeling only pain and being a prisoner in your own head.
It is dedicated to Venezuela, my motherland currently facing dark times.
This poem is about the effects of Amphetamine (Drugs)
Story revolving around 4 phases of life of a person madly in love with...
A good childhood teacher who was very educated until things went south…..
High school.
though written some years ago, this eldest heiress sans my youngest sister evokes blithe,...
The Shadow is about seeing the world that surrounds, and digging into the underlying structure....
Lovers and suicide