we need change in the world
Man's need for recognition and fear of never being remembered once dead.
I have been writing all my life it's what i love to do. This...
A lack of self worth leads us to self distruction
A poem about outgrowing the space you're in.
A Tattoo artist
just a moment of tiredness, and evil we see in men.
Still the weather
I feel like I need to let everything out before I burst
A poetic commentary on reaching a perfect inner balance with yourself and the world...
How we remember
Its about how god is love and always will be
Trying to change a boy who doesn't need changing
Its about a transition in my life and other peoples desperation for truth inspired me 
This is about the unreqited love of two friends. (free verse)
lessons for the young
Love gone wrong
Life is  what inspired 
wherefore didst the thanksgiving holiday arise. thus google came to my rescue with a...
A thesis of poetry
This poem is about the world and how it changes at a rapid pace...
This poem compares a woman's virginity to the tools of a sailor, as a...
Lover meeting at a secret hideaway
It's feels like you're still here with me.
Satire based on misconceptions surrounding poetry
They say that eyes are the window to the soul
It's about a dark beauty with a deceptive nature, who dances in the graveyards....
The ocean and fishermen.  The ocean.
This is how I feel sometimes
This is an observation and reaction to projections that caused long-time frustration.
I wrote this for my cousin whom was isolated in the mines in Australia...
One sided love