They say that eyes are the window to the soul
the poem is about washing your hands
Me performing Go Rapture Yourself and Say Goodbye To These at the spoken word London...
Poem about the good days with an old lover
A Summer Romance
Melancholic daydreaming
A closer look at loss
A man persuading a mistress/woman to be with him
its about my anger and what it takes and how it feels,
Dr Nelson Mandela,he's my source of inspiration and to celebrate his day also is...
The people running the American health care system
A thesis of poetry
crazy,fun and weird
What we owe to others after they have made sacrifices for us
the extremist views of this forty fifth president on par with the radical terrorists.
if you can imagine it then you can do it :)
Just a dandelion in a world of roses.
a simple poem of a love and what a man sees
This poem is a twist on the classic fairy-tale Alice in Wonderland.
The poem is about darkness and black days. The Dark Lord's Wonder and Words...
A break up poem
real experience
4/26/2020 5:57 PM
The man sitting on the pavement is thinking about the nights
a beautiful soul , forever to be loved...
this poem is about struggling to find the good out of the pandemic
What it feels like to want to run, but your body doesn't quite agree...
hopeless longing for love.
This piece is more of a stress release from my past relationship. a summary...