Reflecting on what is wanted in a significant other
It’s about creating another world and with words
A thesis of poetry
Sometimes we question our selfs and what life is all about.
Tribute to the kids who suffer abused.
Delicate and validating
The poem solemnity takes a toil around what we human face, see, come across...
accept what you have tell yourself this is enough and you will have peace
Woman's independence
rhythm views from unique perspective.
Short post-break up poem
The poem is about girls above 20, who are often deprived from a carrer...
There is comfort in knowing that you will never know.
A humorous list of reasons why I don't believe Hillary Clinton is qualified for...
It is about contemplating the mysteries and paradoxes of Reality
This is an observation and reaction to projections that caused long-time frustration.
A divorced woman going out on her first date after many years.
An inspirational & Motivational Poem about Coronavirus to help people get through the art...
A love relationship
I took a bike ride one lovely summer night and wrote the poem in...
It's about the pain i have gone through in my life.
Importance of harmony
Enjoy every moment


The break down of who you are when ill. But also the oppurtunity for...
An historical and personal poem about Merseyside
Going through various challenges, life has caused me to feel like a string puppet...
real experience
Going to heaven.
He plays my life like and beautiful instrument
the time i met New Order ...