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Self Love

Fear overtakes me when I think of the direction our community is heading.

I often ask myself why don't our girls value themselves; 

however I see why.

They removed our queens and replaced them with bad bitches. 



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Jesus, will you be my Valentine?

Dear Lord, would You be my Valentine? You have probably been asked so many times before, but Lord, would you please be my Valentine? With all of the worries and fears we all...


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Of Innocence Lost

I am very new to this and only began writing poetry again (I wrote 40 years ago as a teenager) to help process some childhood events. As a boy I was sexually abused by...
Of Innocence Lost Childhood is neither asked for nor desired, And yet is thrust upon one in due time, One’s family is not chosen but given, Circumstances for the most part out of one’s control, Yet they shape and...


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A Grandmother’s Lament

I live near my son, his wife and their two young children but do not see them very often and am very sad
I thought we were going to have so much fun Living close to each other, it has been so long I never wanted to take over your life But I did hope you could convince...


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Dark Gothic Heart I look to the sea viral implications take me to the surf along the rocky ledge leads to an old abandoned house you hear the intense pounding of the waves outside a cobblestone walkway lines the...


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A Beautiful Butterfly

The premise of my newest poetic piece reaches out to a woman suffering from bipolar disease she grows ill. Further, realizes that life is short by listening to a beautiful song then gets touched...


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Blanket Me

Blanket Me blanket me in fine earth tin capture me through the Willows bend in tranquility as far as the eye will see a vested memory faling faliing in a stream with the visible eye a glare of the faint passerby remember...


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