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Sitting at home for a week really put things into perspective.
Grey skies seem more grey Fresh air so far away Stuck inside for an unknown time Proving life’s, a fragile rhyme Forced by them to wait and see If tomorrow, we’ll even be Deaths breath controls us all Will I be...


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The healer

Drifting deep into the darkness Float above the black abyss Reaching out for someones kindness To take away this emptiness Fleeting calm it flutters slowly From a place of empathy Growing stronger lasting longer Soothing pain and agony Feel emotion buried...


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I was inspired to write this entry by a good friend. Due to some personal circumstances, she's been trapped in her mind by negativity. I decided to write this to hopefully give her a...
This forest where she resides, Is not like many others. For where the shadows collide, They multiply, forming another. The fog comes and goes, Dense as water, And as the wild wind blows, It forms a haunting Alma Mater. A cacophony of...


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Love hurts

I’m sitting in this asylum thinking why love hurts Instead of being in someone’s arms I end up in a hearse Feeling Dead inside I’m convinced that love is a curse My heart bursts Why can’t I be...


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Our Calling

The hardships of life
You don’t call us to follow because you need it. in fact it’s the exact opposite We wander down life thinking of the troubles but not the fact that we’re the cause of it We go...


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Work in progress

I wrote this to my fiance because we had a fight yesterday. I'm not an easy person to deal with sometimes. This was my way of talking to him.
Work in progress Sometimes I feel like no one gets me at all... Sometimes I feel like I just wanna fall... ...


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‘Tis Naught But Night

I was laying out with my lover gazing upon the stars, he has a passion for astrophysics and I adore his mind and body.
'Tis Naught but Night As my senses take fiery flight Lying breathless here With the entirety of you so very near Exposed fully beneath the stars Affection, lust and light travel from afar It's a truly glorious sight Your fervent eyes...


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Young and Old

I was inspired by AURORA during her small talk interview which I viewed on youtube.
It is a wonderful blessing to be complicated So many sides of one large prism Taking in stories and telling one's own Taking lessons from anywhere one can This wonderful blessing gives so much opportunity So much to learn...


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