The last dance might be your last dance but I loved to dance I...
Its a song about infidelity but a very playful and comedic way of expression
holy ghost video was shot in the hood of mombasa, kenya…my first ever video...
A score by me for the forthcoming film trailer for 24Weekers.
JC playing live beats and music.
Da Og from the First Creation Ep
I've Got You Under My Skin's Frank Sinatra & Bono vocal cover
A WestsideLoveStory On All Platforms Everywhere Today
Showcasing a mantra to live by: Do What You Want & Say What You...
Better Days is a feel-good song that gives assurance of hope to one going...
Music is universal
Look at the way we have to hide what we are doing if they...
Marionette - mix of grunge/alternative rock with a 90's feel
Birthday Bash Birthday Fun having fun on your Birthday with Your Mate or Friends.
Performed by The drapez
Deep House/Future Bass
Deep House Future Bass Mix
Dreamdoktor (Chill-Out, Electronica, Ambient)
This song is based on life experiences people could relate to
A song of hope. When we all get to hug again the loved ones...
Refuse to die poor. We are all with thr ability to fight for own...
A song about families in need who stay at the Ronald McDonald House.
Weed (TripHop, Chill-Out, Electronica)
It's about the guy who keeps on pushing his way in Music industry but...
Neoclassical, glitch postrock odyssey.
I am Hallow One, a psychedelic rock band of one “Rhythmic Mystic”
On Line Drum Recording Studio offering drum tracks for your music project Free
Based on a true story of real life happenings and events
Sketched out ca. 1987, recorded ca. 2013.
I Won't Dance's Frank Sinatra vocal cover
Mister Sir (Heavy Metal, Hard Rock)
This is one of my latest composition. I compose music for classical guitar
The song is a afro beat vibe, talking about ladies and party.
Vicki Kiely (Pop, Adult Contemporary, Folk, Singer/Songwriter)
love sang by Africano and Capleton