About the poem: wake up in another night, tells of period of regimes which...
This song is about everyday people who have been in relations that failed. We wonder...
this is a small glimpse of some of the paintings I have. 
This is the setting of my original comic/anime (animix)
Suffit Mon Amour's Emmanuel Moire vocal cover
Jake Schick doing stand up comedy. He dreams of becoming asexual. He also likes...
Its a song of love and encouragement in the trying times of life. I...
Being exposed to the elements of life
  Billy Idol performing live at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia 2015
It is about my aspirations of my big fat indian wedding.
Sometimes we question our selfs and what life is all about.
Just photos of life around Fayetteville North Carolina using a new camera.
Sketched out aged ca. 19, recorded ca. 2013.
Mix interpretation between childhood animation movies, horror fiction, & pencil colour.
This lyric is hauntingly beautiful and is a passionate evocation of a lost love
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.


quick sketch of a short haired beauty
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
"Lilies", acrylic on canvas, 60x70 cm
Original oil painting on 3D canvas. All the sides are beautifully painted in tune...
Mental health, family relationships, parents, depression, manic-depression, psychology, psychiatrists,nature vs nurture, psychoanalysis 
A little poem that hopefully boosts your confidence and motivation.
the crass consumerism this and every other holiday became - making a mockery of...
Night Lights is a feel good, pop/edm song produced by Sean Joseph. Perfect for...
This is my project for the company of Japan. I have made this graphic...
Knowledge is everything
This item is about perseverance. It was written in the hardest times of my...