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under 90 characters
Perhaps one of the most gorgeous island vistas anywhere in the world, Santorini offers...
Longing for my son and his family
Unleash, work done in oil on canvas, size 120 cm / 90 cm.
"A pen never stops moving just because you put it down, it continues writing...
Hierophant sticks to dogmas and old principles. Instead of focusing on natural light, comming...
Earth and earth's life
My black pug, Lola
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
before i put the finishing touches
9" x 12" stretched canvas. 2017. Acrylic paint
Where I live and a bit of my lifestyle


Acrylic on canvas, portrait of a cat
The aftermath of an pleasant evening
Oil painting on canvas. The painting is framed in a unique wooden frame which...
the time i met New Order ...
Domestic violence has rampantly become a prominent feature on the menu of the matrimonial...
A woman in an abusive relationship finds the strength to be free.
Hand drawn and colored in with markers
Painting in mixed media on canvas. More info on
Painting in mixed media on board. More info on
Couple standing in moonlight pencil shading
The poem captures the fears and thoughts when we return home after being away...
This poem is a silly heartfelt one about how good a person can make...
"Peonies", acrylic on canvas, 80x60 cm
It is an epic tale of journey and war and love and the search...
This drawing is about the beauty of nature and how intricate and detailed everything...
Some illustrations.
'The Heights' is an abridged and modernized adaptation of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights.