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First published in 'From the City to the Saltings' (the Essex Poetry Festival anthology,...
pen on paper  (35cm x 51cm)
This poem is about my grandmother and her life
I personally dropped this track withe sole aim of encouraging the youths to be...
I love walking along The River Thames in my home county of Berkshire..
Surviving a Domestic violence relationship the ending of
I took this while driving !
This is a relief woodcut and monoprint. It is 17" x 30" 2013
Contemporary acrylic painting, 36'' X 48''
This is the illustration of my thesis work. This is the cover page of...
Custom Sculpture of a homeless man. Measures 12"T x12"L x 10"W. Polymer clay. Acrylic...
The poem is the first for a couple of years. It came as a...
Taking leave occasionally may make soul live joyfully, That relaxation indeed is supreme as...
It’s about getting away from the grind of life.
"Old park", oil on canvas, 70cm x 50cm, 2015
The ocean and fishermen.  The ocean.
The poem is about appreciating the work of mothers
An original oil painting by Chris Quinlan Irish Artist
Cozyflowz Lagos base nigeria song writer, Hip hop singer & rapper.
Hypnotist John Cerbone, "The Trance-Master" performs Speed-Trance instant induction on cute waitress Brittany at...
A man walks into a room and is subject to strange experiments that...
Animals and wildlife from local NC zoos.
Oil painting on canvas. More info on
Pen, Watercolour, Digital
A lighthearted poem about a bee.
righteousness ruled regarding re-alliteration ratiocination.
When the potatoes from the blight they did not grow And the leaves they...
Painting of still life objects such has pot, stove,block.
Wanting to say is one thing , being able to is another ting entirely.
Pasta Elementary is going to be the hottest new kids cartoon on TV. The...
This is all about woman and how magnificent each and every one of them...
Abstract acrylic painting on canvas 60×80 cm. More info on