Dibujo original sobre cartulina de 250 gr., 56cm.x61cm., realizado con lápiz grafito
Film Short (Dutch; no subtitles) by Wesley Vis; Eric is dealing with delusions. His...
The uncertainty we feel
This poem is about adult's bullshit ,me, about who i am to people compared...
This is a relief woodcut and monoprint. It is 17" x 30" 2013
sometimes people hurt you & you wonder - ‘can you be loved?’
the hint when nature prepares for all man winter.
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
The best president in El Salvador.
It's all about having fun with beautiful ladies on the Clubs den I decided...
This is about how I felt after a huge fight with a family member...
My temporary life chaos, i feel much better after expressing this via poetry.
The throws of an entirely toxic relationship ending, addiction and longing.
This is part of the setting for my original animix "The Herolympics"
The pain of a woman who loves so much but only gets hurts
It reflects the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and compare them with today's...
I remember the feeling it always gave me... tempting me to go deeper....
I FIGHT FOR PEOPLES RIGHTSwhen i see such hurt and devastation in our beautiful...
The dogs are insprided by pets and the land scapes are how I see...
Also known as the Glasgow Reel
Joe Atman feat. Riohc Choir (Pop, AAA, Adult Contemporary, Singer/Songwriter, Piano)
This is a painting compositon of still life painting made with goach paint.
This poem is about the beauty of winter fun in a relationship
Its about the woman I love. Because of circumstances, we are separated and sometimes...
about a boy who is sleep walking in his dreams