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This is a pastel work
Oil painting on canvas 40×50 cm. More info on
This is a drawing using pens on paper
pass lovers of my life
How governments fail to deal with crises. Performed by Nigel Cuff
This poem is about a fight between lovers that have come together and invested...
Children of Lir were cursed to change into swans for 900 years, after they...
My interpretation of Angel
Mixed emotions about life where we come from with some advice in the form...
MultiDimensional and deeply textured decorative artwork on board. The work is framed in a...
Better Days is a feel-good song that gives assurance of hope to one going...
This original rich textured painting has been created using the personally developed method. More info...
A small selection of images digitally constructed from photographic images of many subjects.
Artist Name: Momcilo Bjekovic Date Created: 2015 Size : 50 x 70 x 4...


may edit some parts later...
Pencil on paper
this is woman sitting looking away from all hardship she face in our society
This poem is about women.  I was  inspired by migrant domestic workers here, who's...
Its about 2 ex's as they are around each other in school after they...
Alaskan sunsets taken along the Inside Passage
I love flowers which is unusual for me from the perspective that I have...
I like objects with points and angles.
A rich, beautiful, and smart college young lady who attracts a dangerous guy.
CHOPIN portrait by Preciada Azancot, oil on canvas with spatula
Drawings from the heart
its about a young boys ambition and his views about the world


One of my rescue German shepherds, Kai.
#fanart #mileycyrus
It’s about a day I enjoyed on the beach while I was vacating in...
A short video of this a song, what if I told you I was...
Dope track...make you want go get some money