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Original song written and played by Laz Lore
Another banger from Inneh. This is indeed one of the best, This song will...
This is a Villanelle, based on the subject "Butterflys and Bees", but was not...
Hands afloat whats to really Owl hoot does your wealthy hands fit his western...
Acrylic on acid free canvas. Three panels.
A story of love (may contain slight erotic romance)
Oil painting on canvas 40×50 cm. More info on
accept what you have tell yourself this is enough and you will have peace
Take The Black, To That Guy, Three Eyed Crow, Go Rapture Yourself and Say...
Sketch inspired by photo in National Geographic..chapter in life in Shrilankan boatman har
its about aman who wants tobe helped by sengas in his struggle of looking...
The song is about how your mom tries to protect you from getting hurt...
No more hope comes from outside
A pastel painting on paper in a passe-partout under the glass in a frame. The...
One of my favorite pieces.
Siempre hay una historia que antecede a toda obra, y esta es su historia....
A short poem about a girl
It’s about a day walking the cobbled streets of Praira da rocha
she Daddy's little girl
Character design
This is a piece that represents me coming home to my wife.
First Time is based on actually falling in love with someone like no other.
This poem is about your smile!  Your smile inspired me to write this poem.
About the poem: the poem deals on summer and further reach it out with...
A poem about him. But more so about her. About her complexities and her...
he smells you
This drawing is original except the hair I took it from a photo.
Appreciate friends