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  • Created: September 29, 2020
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I bring nothing but an empty vessel My soul was once apart of this flesh and bone With the devil , I wrestle and finally I gave up Growing up I never thought I'd be the one The one who couldnt fall asleep, The one who could see his own future but couldn't quite reach Just out of arms length was the cure to every imperfection and blasphemous action But somehow the pill bottles turned into maze like contraptions. Take your photo and give it a catchy caption. Hint at the damage but dont reveal the catastrophe that you're slowly not able to manage. Frantic and filled with panic my mind turns manic and this situation went from fixable to tragic in a matter of minutes or even that of a fraction. Life collapses. I wish I had the strength in this dark place, or at least a book of matches... I guess this is what happens They told me this would happen...

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