Happy Christless 2015

Christmas is coming, hip hip hooray!

Better start spending without delay.

Log on to Amazon, it's easy that way, just tap in a series of numbers to pay.

When the goods arrive, check the docket.

Does it say how much goes in the billionaire's pocket?

Or how much he needs for his new space rocket?

So much for the moral of The Christmas Carol. 

I'm not being mean but we're held over a barrel.

The day will come and the children will smile, unaware that,

the money Mum and Dad toiled for to pay for the tat, will swell the coffers of an already fat cat.

While their grins widen so will the gap between rich man and minion, that's the sad fact.

These values we go to great lengths to instill, today we will pay but one day they will.

Still, Never mind, it's not all doom and gloom.

At least I won't get a cruise missile landing in my front room.


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