Coming Out (of the creative closet)

Coming Out (of the creative closet)

Sometimes it is a little scary to really let others see your creative side. They may not like your work, may criticize it or even be plain rude about it! Just remember that for everyone who says something rude there are probably ten who love it. Follow these steps to coming out of the creative closet...

Poetry Heals: A Poem About How Poetry Can Mend the Soul

We challenged Talent Bank member Scott Partington to write a poem about... poetry. More specifically; the healing power of writing poetry.

Interview With Diane Messias: Former BBC Comedy Producer

We interview Diane Messias who is a former producer and director for the BBC working on shows such as One Foot In The Grave, The News Quiz, and Week Ending. Questions include asking her what it was like working for the Beeb, tips for getting your script read and... a cheese related one...