Short film (actor / Director)
A selection of clips from full length feature and short films I appeared in.
Film Short (Dutch; no subtitles) by Wesley Vis; Eric is dealing with delusions. His...
Film short (Dutch, no subtitles) by Jeroen De Nie; Dutch without subtitles; Lachen! (Laugh!)...
don't bring ya kids to my house
Film short (Dutch; no subtitles) about 'human trafficking' directed by Chung Dha.
this is a comedy video, watch comment and be expecting more 4rom us ok
Trailer of film short by Asela Amarasinghe.
short clips from various performances from actor Matt Marshall
Teaser trailer for new comedy web series.
he smells you
Film short (Dutch; no subtitles) by Rick Van Eijk & Ziko Assink. A 'Femme...
Teaser trailer 2
grumpy grandpa