Town I Now Call Home

Sat thinking quite happily about my life and where I live, and how lucky I felt to be in the situation I was. In my mind a few lines of rhyming verse were developing, so I typed them into a word pad file. Then the remaining lines flowed quite freely as my mind was focused on the poem alone.

Town I Now Call Home The birds sing in the suburban trees Amongst the blossom, before the leaves In the town I now call 'home' My house stands amidst a terrace row Where friends and family come and go They call round to have a natter And the whole house echoes with friendly chatter Grand-children play and make a noise As they clutter my rooms with a scattering of toys They stay a while then go their way Promising to return again some day It's great to see them now and then But nice when the peace returns again To the house I call 'my home' In the town I now call 'home' My garden goes for miles and miles Criss-crossed by rivers, and footpaths with stiles I walk the fields, the woods and hills And the river valleys, my peace fulfilled I wander where nature needs not to hide My trusty dog goes by my side Wildflower meadows, cornfields and streams Places seen only in some peoples dreams Blue skies, sunshine, the breeze through the leaves Around the birds now singing in the rural trees In the land I call 'my home' Near the town I now call 'home' People go by on their daily grind Most speak pleasantly and never unkind Sometimes cars go by so fast As if this day will be their last Children play on the yards and parks And somewhere out there another dog barks An urban fox steals through the night The instinct to survive his most challenging plight As the sun rises my mind drifts away With thoughts of the challenges I face today On the streets I call 'my home' In the town I now call 'home' But then I am no 'hard-to-please' 'Cause the birds still sing in the suburban trees Of the town I now call 'home' Forever my mind will be at peace As long as the birds sing in the trees Of the land I call 'my home' Around the house I call 'my home' Among the streets I call 'my home' In the town I now call 'home' Pete D Etheridge April 2013

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