JUST AS I AM.....BY ANTHONY DIM You know, we all just knew, That being different was so new’ Suffocating, long long in the crowd, I hid myself in the roaring crowd, Careful too never to be loud Looking into the deep blue sea, My face is all that I can see My uniqueness is what I feel When the sea is calm and still Be like us! They yanked at me My inner core mourns for me Then be ready for rejection We ain’t her to do no intuitions We’ve got no time for emotions And your queer darling fictions I’m no more part of the “All of us” Why is this difficult for any of us Why must it be my own cross Why must this be my own loss I can only be an “Other” And others would chat about this other He’s preposterously disordered He’s not of natural order You see, there’s a tear on my face I’m condemned to this menace Stiff-backed men won’t check my face Stiff-necked men won’t give me space Hemce, I am often in a race Well, things are put in place, I can’t help but run my pace. I am not part of the “all of us” Why is it difficult for any of us? Is this a lake I have to cross? Why the scourge from many of us This is me, I am, Just as I am

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