No moment of sincere creation and no evidence of godly salvation

If the universe has definitely no clear boundaries to persist

What place for an all-knowing creator was there anytime to exist

Big bang may not be the start of the  beginning that we know

It will do for the time being until science has something else show

When all the universe's infinity was so very small and so dense

Before it exploded and expanded into becoming so immense

Time at that zero point started everything on its distant path

Now we're faced with weird conclusions inside all the aftermath

Physics will rationally remain agnostic  absolutely to the end

There's no room for god in the scientific search to knowingly send

Any certain  justification for an omnipotent creative being

In the mosaic god of all theism beyond good and evil seeing

Why in fact does the universe bother to even exist at all

Without a cause we simply stare at just an unknown blank wall

Until an uncaused final cause is seemingly impossibly found

We face an infinite reality where our feet won't touch the ground.

Just as we now exist with so many unexplained brute facts

Like the molecular mess it seems in our own dirty kitchens

Where chemical changes are engaged in constant interactions

An all-embracing atomic theory given of the structure of matter

Despite all the historic scientific and endless religious chatter.

Strato of Lampsacus with a certain clarity of understanding

That continual explanation is a waste of our time demanding.

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