A woman in an abusive relationship finds the strength to be free.
The song is about deciding to LOVE.
Kids have their way of speaking to us, not always picked up by their...
The singer loves the boy and will do anything for him, just to see...
An instrumental to help soothe a heart
A personal reflection on the struggle to know what is right and do it.
It’s about trying to get over someone but can’t seem too.
It is a deep and meaningful concept, that many of us can relate to.
The life we live when dependent on drugs
best read it yourself, but a piece of art, without a doubt
This about those ‘happy’ farewells with people beside thier loved one’s bedside as they pass away,...

Verse 1

I was there when the war was new

I fought and killed as I...

In 1996 I happened to be watching an episode of Coronation Street when Raquel...
It's about me and my girlfriend breaking up.
The connection we feel to all things of where we grow up.
finding new love, but it has a nice ring to it, just hoping i...
This jazz lyric is about rolling through life creatively
A man and his truck
Cozyflowz Lagos base nigeria song writer, Hip hop singer & rapper.
“Red Light Special”  at a bar
Interpretations of love or love's weather reports, hahaha
Summer love growing cold
Inspired from the Bible.
Mom Dies kids run the farm
This song is about love , death and loss .
The song can be interpreted in 3 different ways, it is mentally confusing but...
Old girlfriend is back
This song is about choosing a life-long partner. It cannot be rushed, since people...
The song is about a person leaving a relationship but realizing they made a...