These are my drawings of my favorite characters and just what I like to...
fantasy drawing of a monster passing through ocean to a starry heaven.
This is a nickname with some of my artistic touches.

: )

i love to draw ..mostly i draw disney couples
pen on paper  (20cm x 25cm)
The dogs are insprided by pets and the land scapes are how I see...
My favorite letter is V and this is a artistic Tribute
I drew the one on the left yesterday and the one on the right...
the reason why I draw this it is because I grew up in rural...
pen on paper  (35cm x 51cm)
Alone at the riverside
pen on paper  (35cm x 95cm)


One of my rescue German shepherds, Kai.
Pencil sketch of my own foal.
A funkey monster at the beach to fish
A picture of a white woman's breasts sporting a heart necklace with a slanted...
Excersise in working in a sepia style. I loved working on the lace in...
I like to design with ms paint and this just came to mind.
Character design
A wolf that I often dream about.
Pieces of work I've handcrafted in may 2016, about: caos, Ego, distress, vastness and...
Exactly what is more important is debatable.
I love to do landscapes
pen on paper  (27,5cm x 32,5cm)
i hope you people like this
Pencil on paper
This my creative tribute to the very best country in the world.
Drawn with all staedtler pencils only.and erasers,
Old Hollywood Glamour.
under 90 characters
just a anime drawing
Taken from Greek mythology. Every spring Persephone leaves Hades and wakes the nature. she...
When you were young, so much colour in your life.
This is my version of some of my favorite cartoons All Grown Up