A lone tree in an empty field


portrait sketch of a beauty
To celebrate the PI day, used the rusty old pipe to memory the history...
its shows the love towards the child by father and lead ahead
Drawing of Dragon Ball
I like to design with ms paint and this just came to mind.
A pastel painting on paper in a passe-partout under the glass in a frame. The...
A drawing of a hand/wrist i draw this in less than 6minutes
This a close up of a wolfs eye. It is from a wolf I...
Pen sketch of a mother cow and her calf - from my walks in...
commissioned portrait
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
This is a still life drawing of five litre container, funnel on a stool.made...
These art pieces are heavily inspired by pinterest images
Girl drinking tea and smiling
Captures nature in multiple colors while centering on the female form
I will represent my drawings through primarily letters and words.
The Same image done with ink and Jik.
Picture of wooden oars crossed with water in the background
I am an Architect and I like to sketch from I was 5 years...
Earth and earth's life
Ink drawing on paper
I just wanted to draw one of my friends, i felt like doing so...
a rat drawn in a tribal theme with a simple biro.
Drawings from the heart
pen on paper  (35cm x 95cm)
Naruto Sage mode with kurama...
pen on paper  (40cm x 40cm)