Things up would find in a garden
The Same image done with ink and Jik.
Hand drawn and colored in with markers
This piece summarizes American life, values, and hardships during the 1700s and 1800s.
inspired by the young Songwriter Dennis Comino


Ink drawing on paper
Things that you would see in a garden but zentangled on my 1st canvas...
This my creative tribute to the very best country in the world.
A drawing of a hand/wrist i draw this in less than 6minutes
This is a imagination of my 9 years old boy he is drawing this...
The seven-times F1 drivers Champion Michael Schumacher
He's gonne eat it
pen on paper  (27,5cm x 32,5cm)
pen on paper  (35cm x 95cm)
One of my physical drawings of edges, angles and darkness
These are my drawings of my favorite characters and just what I like to...
Peace and love in nature of nature on nature
Ink drawing on paper
Ink drawing on paper
Old request from a Vampire the Masquerade player
pen on paper  (45cm x 55cm)
woman, always a source of inspiration.
pen on paper  (50cm x 70cm)
pen on paper  (25cm x 30cm)
Hello. My name is PRATEEK KUMAR. Hope you all will like my drawing.
Love is like a rose that blooms
These are a few animal sketches
Hand drawn and colored in with colored pencils
2 strangers, pencil
I am an Architect and I like to sketch from I was 5 years...
Into the dark to search for light