under 90 characters
Another example of practising with a different medium
Things up would find in a garden
A drawing of a hand/wrist i draw this in less than 6minutes
My favorite letter is V and this is a artistic Tribute
Drawn with all staedtler pencils only.and erasers,
I like the traditionally rustic feel that a ax sticking in a piece of...
Drawings from the heart
This is how I see myself when I have walked my dog in the...
Just a piece of a piece
Hand drawn and colored in with colored pencils
Hand drawn and colored in with markers
This is a sketch of Tupac Shakur I did a few years ago.  I...
Into the dark to search for light
This is a drawing made with a permanent maker
Drawing of the shoe
paper and charcoal
This a close up of a wolfs eye. It is from a wolf I...
Taking my sketches from single portraits, this is a group of 3 from the...
One of my physical drawings of edges, angles and darkness
A panda.
Pencil from friends photo of wolf cubs in Canada.
Pencil on paper
When you were young, so much colour in your life.
Sri Krishna Janmashtmi festival special drawings
still life drawing of gas container placed on a cement flower vase
My interpretation of Angel
Pencil on paper
"It the Clown" is my favorite Childhood movie
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
I will represent my drawings through primarily letters and words.
pen on paper  (35cm x 51cm)