Captures nature in multiple colors while centering on the female form
These drawings were the creations of my 8 yr old granddaughter....she loves to draw...
Ink drawing on paper
Another example of practising with a different medium
Artist -Hamlet (9 years old) . Different professionals from century’s before
a rat drawn in a tribal theme with a simple biro.
Covid19 pandemic made us stay home which leads to rebirth of nature.. So what's...
still life drawing of gas container placed on a cement flower vase
Tension on a rope which I use as a symbol of stress and strain...
To celebrate the PI day, used the rusty old pipe to memory the history...
This piece summarizes American life, values, and hardships during the 1700s and 1800s.
A box containing the archangel of scribes.
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
When you were young, so much colour in your life.
A4, black pen, 1 hour
Pencil portrait
Drawing of my chapel
Drawing of the shoe
Ink drawing on paper


Ink drawing on paper
I am a big shapes fanatic and enthusiast and through a woman's lips is...
I drew the one on the left yesterday and the one on the right...
Dibujo original sobre cartulina de 250 gr., 56cm.x61cm., realizado con lápiz grafito
One of my physical drawings of edges, angles and darkness
woman, always a source of inspiration.
Pen sketch of a cow - from my walks in isolation
Ink drawing on paper
a lost little girl
I drew this using Fabre castell polychromos colour pencils
Sketch of Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard
The drawing has three faces unified