The stories of mortal humans playing poker game with Satan for a wish granted...
penon paper (27,5cm x 37,5cm) 2006
These drawings were the creations of my 8 yr old granddaughter....she loves to draw...
I like to design with ms paint and this just came to mind.
My drawings are about images from my subconscious mind. I have these visualizations of...
To celebrate the PI day, used the rusty old pipe to memory the history...
a lost little girl
Hello. My name is PRATEEK KUMAR. Hope you all will like my drawing.
These drawings were hand drawn and colored in with colored pencils
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
commissioned portrait
pen on paper  (35cm x 95cm)
charcoal and paper
The Same image done with ink and Jik.
Mr. ugly man ungraded
Picture of wooden oars crossed with water in the background
Hand drawn and colored in with colored pencils
Naruto Sage mode with kurama...
Pen sketch of a cow - from my walks in isolation
My neices are in dance and theyre passion is being a dancer so i...
Love is like a rose that blooms
Pencil from friends photo of wolf cubs in Canada.
My favorite letter is V and this is a artistic Tribute
I drew the one on the left yesterday and the one on the right...
paper and charcoal