Following the album sketches from my favourite artists, this is the sketch I did...
Love is like a rose that blooms


Ink drawing on paper
Wanted to draw a lightning bolt with it's angles and edges.
This is a imagination of my 9 years old boy he is drawing this...
This piece is meant to represent that things aren’t as they seem.
These drawings were the creations of my 8 yr old granddaughter....she loves to draw...
2 strangers, pencil
My interpretation of Angel
When you were young, so much colour in your life.
pen on paper  (40cm x 40cm)
This my creative tribute to the very best country in the world.
Hunger in birds
I love to do landscapes
This is a charcoal drawing of a good friend of mine. Done on...
The abandoned girl
Water paint
This is a piece that represents me coming home to my wife.
Self portrait sketches of myself while pregnant
Its a type of modern art where people have masked themselves as they do...
I like objects with points and angles.
The best president in El Salvador.
Tension on a rope which I use as a symbol of stress and strain...
Drawing in pen of my husband who is a farmer - done during isolation
Covid19 pandemic made us stay home which leads to rebirth of nature.. So what's...
Being a poet/creative writer I associate many things with what happens in nature. A...
woman, always a source of inspiration.
Pencil on paper
I drew this using Fabre castell polychromos colour pencils