The best ANBU BLACK OPS member...
Excersise in working in a sepia style. I loved working on the lace in...
still life drawing of gas container placed on a cement flower vase
One of my favourite bird, black, and straight.
A picture of a white woman's breasts sporting a heart necklace with a slanted...
ink drawing
A box containing the archangel of scribes.
Character design
Pencil on paper
Girl drinking tea and smiling
This was an attempt
Naruto Sage mode with kurama...
A sketch of a old video game called "zelda". I play this with my...
symbol of love
This is a piece my 15 year old daugther did, the eagle represents her...
woman, always a source of inspiration.
the reason why I draw this it is because I grew up in rural...
Drew while bored; Ball-point pen sketch.
Hand drawn and colored in with colored pencils
Its a type of modern art where people have masked themselves as they do...
drawings made while in self isolation
Ink drawing on paper
pen on paper  (28cm x 41cm)
Taking my sketches from single portraits, this is a group of 3 from the...
Sonam bajwa pencil sketch
Just a piece of a piece
These are a few animal sketches
Ink drawing on paper
Drawing by Raza aged 9
Hunger in birds