on a cold winter day,the bare trees look great.
Davey Havok, Hunter Burgan and Jade Puget of A.F.I live at Coachella Valley Arts...
Random pics from my Vac in Peru
Photography makes your soul complete..
I took this while driving !
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
Soria; Spain. Nikon d90.
Fine art photographer who now spends his days travelling and shooting what inspires him...
Crows nests on a background of harsh bare trees
Its about thoughts, ideas, perceptions which is beyond imagination. Just fly High.
this is me in everyday lifr
La Estacion escondida del Amor ( By Alejandro Alonso)
Standing on top of a water tower, I got the aerial landscape. The Tower...
Hope Is……. Like the Chicago Ferris Wheel at night time. It shines as bright as the cosmos....
this is nature based photos.
countingcoins band from Hull live at freedom festival 
Calm waters and magnificent colors
Hunter, the hunting dog, looks deeply into the shimmering water.
a study around Sydney
Familiar landscapes with some extra zing!
Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage , Alaska
first time in the wild.
My passion to take photos.......this is art through a lens
Old is colorful
Black and white photograph of my dog Lucy
When you least expect it, something beautiful comes along
Eagle Charging; Lazy Sealions; Love the Moose
"Brown Candle" was taken by me, while out at dinner with some mates while...
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Painted windows of old Ft. Seward barracks in Haines, AK. Windows were...
One of two Gators I encountered floating close by each other. Could have been...
Animals and wildlife from local NC zoos.
Battersea. Makes me think of 80’s LP cover.
A Friday morning walk - the start of our weekend