While working at a military newspaper, I have had many opportunities to record moments...
Very unusual sunset that lasted for a while
Shot in my backyard with a canon rebel series and my 18-200mm 3.5
An interesting sky can make or break an image.
my friend wanted his photo posted
Ed Kuepper formally of The Saints and The Laughing Clowns live at The Gov...
This collection is from what I like to best...take pictures while driving.
Nikon D610 Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 14.0 mm ƒ/8 ...
Cats are amazing animals and always know whats going on around them!
I have never met a subset that wasn't beautiful. Each sunset reveals its journey...
On the way to Cranbrook, BC 2013
  Billy Idol performing live at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia 2015
Battersea. Makes me think of 80’s LP cover.
A Hindu monk is silhouetted in sunlight on a winter morning at a mango...
Black and white photograph of my dog Lucy
Silence is all needed.
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage , Alaska
"Brown Candle" was taken by me, while out at dinner with some mates while...
this is nature based photos.
Painted windows of old Ft. Seward barracks in Haines, AK. Windows were...
Inspiring scenery for scenic images abounds in Haines, AK
Whether gazing out to a setting sun from the rocky shore of Big Sur,...
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
A Friday morning walk - the start of our weekend
Soria; Spain. Nikon d90.
A random selection of my type of photo's I enjoy taking and manipulating.
Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham offers a 1930's WPA bridge to delight you.
These birds gave me a strong feeling of freedom in their flight
This photograph (digitally edited) was the basis for the cover of my short story Utopia...
Along the Bow River at Shouldice Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Standing on top of a water tower, I got the aerial landscape. The Tower...
Just photos of life around Fayetteville North Carolina using a new camera.