This collection is from what I like to best...take pictures while driving.
First time I did a headshot.
Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham offers a 1930's WPA bridge to delight you.
my friend wanted his photo posted
Dhaka, Bangladesh
I was going for a ride and saw the sky and though it was...
AnAn Bear Observatory, near Wrangell, AK
Deserted beach tranquil and beautiful
Nikon D610, Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 ƒ/22.0 24.0 mm 3 125
Life is movement, but a still can contain more life than reality
Animals and wildlife from local NC zoos.
Reflection of a dead forest in a puddle on the rocks – Verdant Creek,...
winning the Australian of the Year
My family members at Baguio City
This collection is from what I like to best...take pictures while driving.
A Friday morning walk - the start of our weekend
I have never met a subset that wasn't beautiful. Each sunset reveals its journey...
House contains. So it can deliver a sense of warmth but also of oppression....
I love photography
Photo of me Andrew Taylor in Cats
Davey Havok, Hunter Burgan and Jade Puget of A.F.I live at Coachella Valley Arts...
Alaska wild life giving us their best looks
Mr Masvingo


Muestra de blanco y negro. Soria; Spain.
Perhaps one of the most gorgeous island vistas anywhere in the world, Santorini offers...
in addition to landscapes and wildlife
with my Nephew Robert William Wandin
The idea behind this photo is to convey that home is meant to be...
An interesting sky can make or break an image.
Black and white photograph of my dog Lucy
A trip down Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.