Very unusual sunset that lasted for a while
Nikon D610 Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 14.0 mm ƒ/8 ...
Artificial light often called "light pollution" can design shapes and diffusion as shining stars....
I was going for a ride and saw the sky and though it was...
Soria; Spain. Nikon d90.
Just photos of life around Fayetteville North Carolina using a new camera.
A Friday morning walk - the start of our weekend
diverse objects in close proximity
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
Alaskan sunsets taken along the Inside Passage


Muestra de blanco y negro. Soria; Spain.
I am Hallow One, a psychedelic rock band of one "Rhythmic Mystic"
Cats are amazing animals and always know whats going on around them!
Perhaps one of the most gorgeous island vistas anywhere in the world, Santorini offers...
Few photos I took of skylines at sunset, just saw the shot and got...
Life is movement, but a still can contain more life than reality
Hunter, the hunting dog, looks deeply into the shimmering water.
While working at a military newspaper, I have had many opportunities to record moments...
Calm waters and magnificent colors
House contains. So it can deliver a sense of warmth but also of oppression....
countingcoins band from Hull live at freedom festival 
I love photography
Deserted beach tranquil and beautiful
audition for modelling work
Ed Kuepper formally of The Saints and The Laughing Clowns live at The Gov...
Hope Is……. Like the Chicago Ferris Wheel at night time. It shines as bright as the cosmos....
i am going to be posting pictures of little girls
Photo of Father Christmas
Crows nests on a background of harsh bare trees
Black and white candid portraits.