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One Last Thing (Before You Exit)

This song is about my father leaving/passing away. It touches on loneliness, childhood lost, heart-break and hope, always hope.
I know what it's like, To feel so alone, and lost in this world. Our lives are full of heart-ache. On the run from the hurt, the cold and the rain. It's time to listen to your heart...


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Dream Of Lies

This is the frist song i wrote, and i guess my nightmares inspired it. The song is about being trapped in my own mind, with a person of wich i love. But this person is dying,...
Tears, they stream down my face, as i try so hard to leave this place. And though we've just begun the race, i've already lost to your lonely chase. Even if i already lost, i'll keep...


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Rachel – I like It

Beyonce and Jay Z song - That how you Like it
ntro I like it Verse You’ve been waiting for a long time coming (Be patient!) You’ve been thinking about it all day long (we’re two worlds apart) You wish you could go back in time before you and I Well...


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