My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
The Affleck Riots consist of various shapes with different degrees of opacity on randomly...
This illustration represent ideas, inventions and new ventures.  However, it can be viewed in...
Pastels on paper. sometimes people get down thats okay the everlasting light of this...
a little light scketch
This piece was inspired by how some women change when they put on make up. Their...
You are one and only...
Oil painting on canvas 40×30 cm. More info on
Pinturas realizadas com técnicas mistas, com tinta acrílica e óleo e verniz.
Oct.2018 Acrylics & Tempera on canvas 114 x 108 x 0.1 cm
Original oil painting on 3D canvas. All the sides are beautifully painted in tune...
His family was defeated he became villain and tried to take over the world....
The night always brings me peace it’s so beautiful and quiet


Created by new painting method that remains puzzling and Undetectable for the art world.
This is my version of The Boondocks All Grown Up
Memory is Acrylic on 16×20" Canvas. It expresses so much for me including a...
Broken heart that never healed.
paper and charcoal


Acrylic on canvas, portrait of a cat
This the painting of a fruit. Made with use of tempera paint.
just use simple colouring markers…… my recent work
Changing is an oil on 16"x20" canvass. It expresses the swiftly changing home we...
The painting is part of my new collection which unites the works produced using...
An original painting by Chris Quinlan Irish Artist
A first attempt at painting a white tiger using acrylics.


My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
Free hand abstract
Pastel on paper
Pastel on paper. More info on