The poem is on Doctors who were heroes to us in the time of...
How we observe and how we reflect.
The observations and reflections of a traveller in a foreign land.
The facades of a perfect home.
This peom is about a woman in my life, who is suppose to be...
Dreams, desires, id and ego.
Dreams, desires, id and ego.
This poem is about our failure to feel fulfilled by our constant consumption of...
Read it and find out.
The feeling of freedom in escaping from urban life.
It's a direc reflection of what most people feel in this century as they...
stream of built up tension
I wrote this when i was staying in the jungle last year, recovering from...
hurting someone that you should not have in the past
Ego Experience
Storyteller follows Dorothy path through Oz searching for lost love.
English lockdown, part one. Total isolation.
After never-ending trauma, comes freedom
It is about a cute boy from my theatre class, who I admired
My friend once asked me why I romanticize life, this is why.
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