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Scientists including Astronomers, Laser Technicians, and Satellite experts are put together to Deactivate the early warning capabilities of a Chinese Satellite. They assemble at the Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin to use the high...
ATHENA D Brisbane Australia A tall young man in a classy Italian suit addressed the group assembled in the room. “My name is Lance Weston from the GGE, which is the Group...


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From HereTo Sheboygan

When a young lady offers assistance to a man in a stalled car, she becomes the unwilling courier of explosive materials. Her risks and harrowing events at each stop culminate in an exciting...
From Here to Sheboygan The day’s work was done, Sheila wrapped up her materials, put her hairbrush and wallet into her bag and turned off her computer. “I’m on my...


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It can be interpreted in many ways. I can say it discusses human nature. How our behaviors are accompanied by something as dense as regret - and what that can do to us. The...
BlackClay Back in the earlier decades, on the wooden decks of the longstanding eminent ship, the Brooke, lived a tall hardworking sailor, Dylan Calder Coburn. Dylan was a fair young man. His golden threads of hair...


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Untamed butterflies

Life, people and travel are my 3 greatest inspirations..
Douglas Donohue has lived in Pasadena (a city in California, northeast of downtown Los Angeles) all his life. Doug has always been blessed with an eye for creative art whether it is admiring or creating it...


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Too many ‘Pepper’

If Democracy is about majority then the Minority will never test it
I wish now that we hadn’t got to talking about politics that day! If we hadn’t, I would not be haunted by that unexpected, sad story which I can prove or disapprove. But the four...


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The Hallway

There is a place, a rooming house, where the physical reality surrounding us is in perfect tune with, and in constant interaction, with our particular human complexities. Where if need be the unseen source...

It was the wee hours of the morning. I'd gotten up from bed to make the trek down the house hallway to the community bathroom. Our room was unusually dark, pitch black in fact,...


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The Fire and The Waning Moon

I had a dream one time about seeing a man with a dark shadow behind him. That was or is the inspiration behind the story. It was a about a man, doomed for all...

Long time ago, secluded deep within a forest, by a blue stream river, there lived a tiny village. In it, there was a legend of a handsome man, born with some pure wealth, of...


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