About Us


What is The Talent Bank?

The Talent Bank is your own space to showcase all the different creative things you have been doing in one place.

It is an online community for amateur artists, musicians, poets, photographers, filmmakers, comedians, writers, animators and actors to share all the different things they are creating to get it seen and receive feedback.

We are a non-profit run by volunteers and there is no charge for using the site and this is the way we intend to keep it. We just like to help creative people.

Note: This does mean that some of the features on the site may stop working from time to time or there may b things that need fixing, if you find anything like this please let us know and bear with us while we try to get it fixed.

We want The Talent Bank to be a resource that any amateur creative can use to get their work out into the public eye so the bigger the site gets, the more useful it will be.

With this in mind, if you could link to the site, share across social media, write about on your blog or just tell people about it, we would be hugely grateful!


It is a great way to connect with others that have similar interests, get feedback on your work, ask for advice or just make some new friends.

Get Noticed

The Talent bank is becoming bigger every day with thousands of visitors coming to the site to check out the submissions, we also send out promotional material to people in each industry who have the power to make things happen for you (for example we promote or short film entries to production companies) so having your stuff on here may just lead to a new career or your big break.

Talent Bank Charts

Visitors to the site can vote for your work and the best ones make their way to the top of the chart. Our voting system will never display a negative rating however; all negative scores are displayed as 0 (so it will just look like no votes have been received yet) as we don’t think anyone who has taken the time to create something should be disheartened with a negative score!