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Pen sketch of a cow - from my walks in isolation
Sitka Sound. Whale watching
Dreams come into our life its not just something you own like a...
I was inspired by the creativity of the Busta Rhymes album cover, and decided...
These is a true expression of experience. Ladies are so ruthless sometimes, they never...
Original Sculpture. Polymer Clay. Wire Infrastructure. Wood Base. 15"T.
an embarrassing situation way back in the throes up of grade school years.


Alone, together, on a cold winter's night.
Doc Holliday was a wild west character, he was a gambler and a gunslinger,...
The Inspiration for this is that I enjoy woking alone but everyone needs someone...
this is a comedy video, watch comment and be expecting more 4rom us ok
Alaskan sunsets taken along the Inside Passage
Mr. ugly man ungraded
In order to fund their quirky little unfundable film festival, two down-on-their-luck, passionate...
Dec. 2018 Acrylics & Tempera on canvas 127 x 103 x 0,1 cm
A painting of Morning Ride Out by Chris Quinlan Irish artist
Super saiyan blue inspired dude
just a anime drawing
Nature loves man and man loves nature. If I had been a bird or...
The painting is made entirely on the glass beads. It brings an extra challenge...

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