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survival is about the adpting to situations many in the foriegn lands go are...
Andreja Prokopijevic has drawn inspiration from her long-term training in various dance styles, at...
I am a musician too and wanted to embody the blues in a drawing..
These birds gave me a strong feeling of freedom in their flight
the time i met New Order ...
This is a poem I wrote after getting my heart broken. It's about...

Roscoe the kitten speculates on what his new owner will be like. 

This large mural was painted over four days with little to no sleep and...
Water colour, pencil excersise to practice attention to detail
To stand strong
The song is about someone having troubles in a relationship but knowing in there...
Oil painting on canvas 50×60 cm. More info on
Written ca. 2003, recorded ca. 2013.
12" x 18" hardboard panel. Acrylic paint.
A man walks into a bar, the start of a bad joke with an...
This poem is about a person who has opened up totally, made himself subject...
Death symbolises destruction and decay of matter to set the soul free.
This is a pen drawing depicting hause tribe in Nigeria.
Dope track...make you want go get some money
This poem aims to highlight that the true innocent victims of war are always...
Animals and wildlife from local NC zoos.

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