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Created by new painting method that remains puzzling and Undetectable for the art world.
how tramp lowered the bar and vitiated hard won liberties.
Behind the steering wheel, Dado is a national & regional champion, icon & idol.
“A calm sea never made a skilled sailor”
pen drawing of cartoon.
This is a special piece of my mom Medium: Black Fine Liner Size: 120GSM paper mounted on...
I love to do landscapes
The things which you want to do you can do but you don't,thinking...
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
When I see primary colors, I think of childhood.  For me, my favorite thing...
This piece is 40 by 30 in. and to me has a cool outer...
Recent poems taken by Mario Vitale
My 11 son did this on his day out of school in memory of...
The song can be interpreted in 3 different ways, it is mentally confusing but...
The Gas Panic perform "Even If You Wanted To Call" Live at SSR Studios...


One of my rescue German shepherds, Kai.
#fanart #selenagomez 
this is me in everyday lifr
This poem is about a fight between lovers that have come together and invested...
The poem is the first for a couple of years. It came as a...
though written some years ago, this eldest heiress sans my youngest sister evokes blithe,...
His family was defeated he became villain and tried to take over the world....
Oil painting on canvas 40×50 cm. More info on

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