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I drew this using Fabre castell polychromos colour pencils
Poem one of Quarantined in a Dream- a collection of poetry on the Covid-19...
Hand drawn and colored in with colored pencils
What's going on?
Against the Stone is a short film that clarifies the solemn need for you...
A song of the unknown and rebirth
painting is called "reflections". acrylic on canvas. depicts a surfer returning home at sunset...
"Old park", oil on canvas, 70cm x 50cm, 2015
This describes the life we live everyday, lies are boldly put in front of...
Silence tells a great deal in nature's lap....
Acrylic painting on canvas. The size of the unframed artwork is 40×50 cm, with...
Its a type of modern art where people have masked themselves as they do...
Photography makes your soul complete..
Complications between to past lovers who still want to be there for each other.
Missing a love that has walked away, since then life seems bleek, hoping for...
A lone tree in an empty field
"Peonies", acrylic on canvas, 80x60 cm
The never ending "push and pull" of being in a relationship...
A minority's identity is full of dilemma
pen on paper  (25cm x 35cm)
an impressionistic treescape at Oosterbeek, The Hague, Netherlands
Very unusual sunset that lasted for a while
Poetry is better than royalty

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