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A collection of acrylic paintings from the last two months.
Vicki Kiely (Pop, Adult Contemporary, Folk, Singer/Songwriter)
Life is beautiful so have confidence to tackle every obstacle that comes your way.
A combination of different images in mind and immediate environment.
Painted windows of old Ft. Seward barracks in Haines, AK. Windows were...
Livin’ The Dream is the first realease from Yannick Burky. In Tropical House style,...
Pencil on paper
Acrylic Portrait Painting on Canvas
Oil painting on canvas 40×30 cm. More info on
The Gas Panic perform "Everybody Knows" Live at SSR Studios Manchester
Remainding soul of a broken heart
Whether gazing out to a setting sun from the rocky shore of Big Sur,...
A colorful abstract painting on yupo paper
I have a bit of memory issues, so I started drawing last year to...
Written ca. 2003, recorded ca. 2013.

The old crone sits around her table awaiting her next victim. But is money...

a woman who inspires me
Finding a soul mate
Composition based on consolidating the influences the artist has emanating from Africa
Digital Fractal Art

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