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The dogs are insprided by pets and the land scapes are how I see...
About a writer who is dying and wnats desperately to write his final words...
Textile design paper work for curtain window blind.
The painting is made on 3D canvas. All the sides are beautifully painted in...
A set of miscellaneous experimental footages showing bizarre movements of various house sundries.


Created by new painting method that remains puzzling and Undetectable for the art world.
One of two Gators I encountered floating close by each other. Could have been...
Written ca. 2003, recorded ca. 2013. Image 2003.

Fragment of the Namibian archaic world

My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
Dope track...make you want go get some money
Mixed media of my artwork
In this poem i spoke of my soul which mostly seemed mysterious to me,...
Just a dandelion in a world of roses.
A clourful expression of "the colour of life" in a figurative way.
its about how one has lost a loved one. someone wishing they had said...
its shows the love towards the child by father and lead ahead
Recent poems taken by Mario Vitale
my feelings during this Pandemic
3D steam punk work

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