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This poem is about the effects of Amphetamine (Drugs)
righteousness ruled regarding re-alliteration ratiocination.
painted live on stage to the jazz and world music
Silence tells a great deal in nature's lap....
A picture for a project.
Fine art photographer who now spends his days travelling and shooting what inspires him...
reminisces about Afadjato
lions head, acrylic on board canvas prints available
Jo and Will take a detour on date night, only to end up in...
Mister Sir (Heavy Metal, Hard Rock)
just a battlerap verse, nothing special. had some memories of battlerapping at school, so i decided...
From the Nibelungen myth, Sigurdr took a bath in dragon´s blood in order to...
This poem is about faith
Bittersweet Video
this is my first music video i released in 2015
A short film starring Antoinette Louw & Danny Ross
draw this by seeing another master piece
Louis HÉCTOR BERLIOZ portrait, oil on canvas with spatula
Here is my first collection 
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.

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