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I was going for a ride and saw the sky and though it was...
This is the pencil drawing by my daughter Theertha Sudeep aged 12 from Bangalore...
It's about a love that was so good in the beginning but flamed out...
Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
This is a flower in the garden in spring shiny day
Free hand abstract
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
For once in my life what is left we are broken we need to...
pen on paper  (20cm x 25cm)
Whether gazing out to a setting sun from the rocky shore of Big Sur,...
The darkness , like a tide, it comes and it goes. The battle within...
This a close up of a wolfs eye. It is from a wolf I...
It's about that coming future .
A pastel painting on paper in a passe-partout under the glass in a frame. The...
it is an art work done to show my initial which is i.a
Whatever your mind makes of it.
Watercolour on Paper, 22×30"
A painting of park days by Chris Quinlan Irish artist
Black and White photograph of a cow - from my walks in isolation

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