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no more happiness
Original artwork is mostly watercolor and pen-and-ink on paper. Botanicals include flowers, fruits and...
This is my daughters art well one of them I find her to be...
Hey this is Rolande Hooper, an artist by profession. These are some of most wonderful and favorite...
While working at a military newspaper, I have had many opportunities to record moments...
pen on paper  (45cm x 55cm)
It's about a romantic dream involving a man and his neighbour's wife


Created by new painting method that remains puzzling and Undetectable for the art world.
just use simple colouring markers…… my recent work
Textile design paper work for ankara print.
This piece summarizes American life, values, and hardships during the 1700s and 1800s.
This is real story of my love
This poem expresses deep inner feelings about life's trials and tribulations from down falls...
a rat drawn in a tribal theme with a simple biro.
This poem is based on my love for the ocean.
pen on paper  (20cm x 25cm)
pen on paper  (40cm x 40cm)
my balsa wood magnets raiders
Celebrating The Beatles in an iconic image from the inside sleeve of the Sergeant...
Interpretations of love or love's weather reports, hahaha
Anders B. Jensen (melody), Martin H. Samuel (lyric) and Rick Livingstone (vocals).
I was asked to create a fun illustrated character to go on a school...
This is the illustration of my thesis work. This is the cover page of...
One of two Gators I encountered floating close by each other. Could have been...

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