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JC playing live beats and music.
CHOPIN portrait by Preciada Azancot, oil on canvas with spatula
I am a big shapes fanatic and enthusiast and through a woman's lips is...
This is a short poem about being caught out in the rain.
Oil painting on canvas 40×50 cm. More info on
This piece is a 24 by 48 in. acrylic piece.
Acryl on paper
I’ve been drawing already since the age of ten. I picked it up as...
i am going to be posting pictures of little girls
This is an interactive short fan film by the Szili brothers.
This has the comic effects sit back and let me see your eyes
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
Dope track...make you want go get some money
A delicate rose held by a strong hand filled with love.
9" x 12" stretched canvas. 2017. Acrylic paint
If the Rule of Law fails, the Rule of Men uphelds.
Artist Name: Momcilo Bjekovic Date Created: 2015 Size : 80 x 60 x 3...
It is one of my earliest works – the very beginning. More info on
This poem is a silly heartfelt one about how good a person can make...
When I see primary colors, I think of childhood.  For me, my favorite thing...
Street Photography in Norwich and met this gentleman
its about aman who wants tobe helped by sengas in his struggle of looking...

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