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As a Coffin sees you & me...
Dancehall music from Ghana
in addition to landscapes and wildlife
Gaia's Eye Ft. Azucena Azul
More watercolor pencil drawings.
Oil painting on canvas. More info on
Christina Grimmie typography art
Standing on top of a water tower, I got the aerial landscape. The Tower...
This reveals the beauty and true nature of a pregnant woman Medim: colored pencils...
this poem is about my perception and optimism
Stay home stay safe
Watercolour on Paper, 22×30"
Artist Name: Momcilo Bjekovic Date Created: 2015 Size : 50 x 70 x 4...
The pain of a woman who loves so much but only gets hurts
All is fair in Love and War
Art Une filme par le createur. A picture paints a thousand words Every picture tells a story Vision-on with added...
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
Everyone is different in their own special and unique way. We celebrate being who...
The expression of moivation, appreciation, and enjoying the journey.
Glass engraved
this poem is about the rise of Africa from the dust to the mountains

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