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This was my first ever sketch of a lion, as you can probably tell...
Children of Lir were cursed to change into swans for 900 years, after they...
'And If My Soul is Crying' was torn straight from the soul...

What happen when a bolt of fire meets a dwindling moon? This is a...

We all feel fragile at times. The shell depicts a woman who reached her...
hanrisoul sacrifice by sbk
This is a painting compositon of still life painting made with goach paint.
Animals and wildlife from local NC zoos.
Oil painting on canvas. More info on
It's about two themes: The oneness of all, and the coming age of enlightenment
10"x10" painting of my sister's dog
First Time is based on actually falling in love with someone like no other.
Composition based on consolidating the influences the artist has emanating from Africa
Into the dark to search for light
I love drawing the female form
Have you ever seen the rain
Written ca. 2003, recorded ca. 2013. Image 2003.
Pastel on paper
Gaia's Eye Ft. Azucena Azul
anxiety and insomnia
Just a dandelion in a world of roses.
A drip art piece of Acrylic. Dimensions are 40 by 30 in.

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