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About a writer who is dying and wnats desperately to write his final words...
The drawing has three faces unified
a study around Sydney
This is a sketch of Tupac Shakur I did a few years ago.  I...
His family was defeated he became villain and tried to take over the world....
I have never met a subset that wasn't beautiful. Each sunset reveals its journey...
My black pug, Lola
pen on paper  (25cm x 35cm)
This jazz lyric is about the delays and desire of love
Feb.2018 Ink on canvas 165 x 205 x 0.1 cm
Inspired after a visit to cairo
A pastel painting on paper in a passe-partout under the glass in a frame. The...
our practice with fiddling with the clocks affects my ticker.
Bittersweet Video
Hey this is Rolande Hooper, an artist by profession. These are some of most wonderful and favorite...
I sing multiple genres Pop, R&B, Soft Rock, Hip Hop, & Reggae
Gate keeping or gap minding theme comes with pound shop plaster, role play &...
Motivational song against bad mind and envious people
Fear and darkness
Created by new painting method that remains puzzling and Undetectable for the art world.
This is a quick pencil sketch of a lady known for making many laugh,...

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