Take You Away


If only I could fly you far, far away

To a new place, find a new scene

Show you the world that you shattered just for me


To anywhere but here

We’ve sunk to the bottom of the ocean, but there is

Only a short swim to shore


Maybe you don’t even need to try

To make me know that

You’re my reason why

You say it’s me but I can’t help but disagree

That was all because of you


Maybe you don’t even see…


But Babe, let’s get out of this place

Let me take you away


Let me take you away

But now it’s turned into a new kind of pain

You stand in my doorway

A fight I never saw coming, underway


But you stay there waiting…. All night… till the sun came up and I come out wondering why love took so long


Cuz I know now that you and I

We don’t shine without the other


We go together…


let me take you away….

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