After Dusk but Before Too Long

The night is falling
and shadows come crawling
but sleep, just sleep my darling

For I will keep watch over you
even as the day fades away
through the darkness
I will stay

From the twilight through the witching hour
beyond the gaze of the lesser lights
Fear and Doubt take spectral form
and reach forth to reap

But who keeps the guardian
through these lonely hours?
With no changing of the watch to bring relief
and alone must take the  stand  for this belief

but then wings become frayed and torn apart
and leads to freefall into a pit of despair
it’s the siege
that ends in defeat.

But like a phoenix from  the ashen remains
there is a force that will never go away
when everything seems so lost
hope still stays

And by the moonlight I will say this prayer
And by the starlight it will reach your ear
if you’re still there just hold on
And remember that I am still here:

“For the morning’s first light
I will get you through
the darkest night

keep giving me the reason
and I’ll carry you on
I’ll give you a vision
of the coming dawn”

After dusk we’ll dream by moonlight
and by the dawn we’ll see the sun rise
after dusk we’ll dream by moonlight
and by the dawn we’ll  see the sun rise
and we will bask in each and every
every single ray

and when we see that sun start to rise
it will be a glorious sight
for it will be the morning’s first light

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