“Tomorrow May Never Come My Way”

“Tomorrow May Never Come My Way”


Well I’m just sitting on this old bar stool

And wondering what I’m doin here tonight

Since all my old friends have moved on

Drinkin here alone just don’t seem right.


And listenin to that old Juke Box

Playing all those lonely country songs

You know those songs they make me realize

Most of what I’ve done in life was wrong


Now there are times when I just sit here

Thinking back when I was just a child

Back when Daddy use to tell me

You’d better straighten up your just to wild


And I remember daddy preachen

Son you’ll reap exactly what you sow

And if you let the Devil get you

Chances are he will never let you go


Well my Daddy never gave up

He always tried to do his very best

By teaching me the golden rule

And how to live my life without regret


And although he tried to change me

He always knew my road to hell was paved

Now lookin back its lookin like

My daddy he was write in many ways


Now I guess that I could get up

And walk myself right out those swinging doors.

And in time I just might realize

Somewhere in this world there’s somethin more


But most likely I’ll just sit here

All alone and drink the night away

And not worry about tomorrow

For tomorrow it may never come my way


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