I’m just an ordinary, ordinary joe


Nothin much to do, nowhere to go


I got an ordinary life, kids and a wife


Got an ordinary job I go to everyday


Ordinary benefits, and yeah ordinary pay


I put in my eight hours , the whistle blows


Hop in my car put the pedal to the floor


Because I know when I get home


and you hold my face in your hands


I’m no longer an ordinary joe


Because you make me feel like Superman



Oh yeah baby I feel like I can do anythang


Cause you make me feel like Superman



I can reverse the earth’s rotation


Leap tall buildings in a single bound


Chase down a missle and turn it around


I can change the course of history


or at least I think I can


Because every time you touch me I feel like Superman–2x



Lois Lane aint got nothin on you baby


She’s just an ordinary skank


Because having your lovin is like money in the bank


And baby girl you know the plan


When I make love to you I feel like Su Su Superman



Not having your love would be my kryptonite


But baby lets not think about that tonight


Because once I take off my cape and my tights


Yeah girl I know you know the plan


You know who I am—- yeah that’s right baby, I am Superman


You make me feel like Superman— 4x


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