Return from Oz

Where Are You Today Dorothy where have you gone there's another who needed you to stay, someone searching to a better person in their day to day. You were there to help so many who had seemed to have lost their way, without you they'd never found what's missing without you their world would still be gray. So I guess I'll start a new beginning and travel the same path as you, I'll try to see the Technicolor in a heart now that only sees blue. I'm not sure what's in store or what waits around another bend, hopefully my fate will be like yours and maybe I too will find my happy end. The Journey Begins Where else should my journey begin than in the land of her little friends, where she first arrived and met you before she followed the yellow brick road? I wonder, did you ever think she would never return, but with time, she would make your land her home? Did ever feel like me today as you watched her walk away, thinking you should chase after her never letting her go. Maybe I should trust in fate here with you is where I should wait, but I fear it may be too late that the past will never be more than that. All but Glinda - looked so sad today as I'm about to walk away, so don't let your tears fall should I never returned or call. Thank you all for the gift and blessings for all the kindness you shared today, you'll be a living memory every step on the yellow brick highway. Today I Stood in a Cornfield Today I stood in a cornfield where you used to while hours away, never really understanding why you couldn't chase the crows away? Today I stood in a cornfield the one where you used to stand, thinking if I now had your intelligence perhaps I could understand. How high was that rainbow how far did I fall, could I now learn from you the meaning of it all. Scarecrow, my mind is wondering why I stood all day in your field, the place where you first met her would anything be revealed? I can't help but wondering as well were you here could we talk for long, knowing you could help me correct everything that went wrong? Did you ever consider what was in store that you too may never see your friend, that you wouldn't be there to help should she ever run into trouble again? Once you found you had a brain did it almost drive you insane, knowing she may be gone to you forever her memory you now hide somewhere deep inside. I'll try to cling tight to these words of wisdom that I found tonight, sunsets will always fade into midnight but midnights were meant to become brighter days. I can't stop thinking maybe I should add you can't always regain what you once had, that even on the yellow brick road sometimes the colors of love simply fade away. Letter To The Tin Man Tin Man, Have you had your heart dragged over the rainbow only to have it vandalized because it got in someone's way? Were you ever treated ruthless because someone couldn't handle rainbows or the thought of brighter days? Where is she now when I am lost upon this yellow brick highway? Did you Tin Man ever fell this way I wonder before she wouldn't let you rust apart? Did you ever fell this way I wonder before she convinced Oz to hand back your heart? Or is it because I just have silver hair that I compare myself to you today? Like you and your traveling companions, I am tender, intelligent, and brave. Why didn't she recognize? Time passes, lost loves linger, memories fade. Do you ever feel the same as I today? Tin Man were you fooled when she jumped ship and think she decided to stay? I once remember hearing you say a heart can be broken couldn't she have found an easier way, than to vanish into thin air? Could I like you have found all I wanted, had she only cared? As she clicked the heels of the ruby reds she wears, how could I have known to bring another pair? Did I miss my way home again besides, or did I just realize..... The only real things left over this rainbow after the gail: Hearts will always get broken they get broken all the time, but hearts should always be tender such as yours, such as mine. Your Majesty I now call on you mighty king of the forest, I hear you roar proud I watch you strut before us, your voice trumpets loud singing you adore us. Do you ever remember when you were too scared to carry the fight, do you still remember it was because of her Oz helped you regain your might? Recall there was that once upon a time you had forgotten how to be strong, would you have ever found your courage had she never come along? So, can help me cope with this heavy load as I continue my journey down the yellow brick road? So The Rumors Are True So I learned today all the rumors were true, you did take off over the rainbow you disappeared into the wild blue. When you were leaving and realized you were alone, did you ever see her again when you finally made it home? Oz, we can't share some time to sit awhile and speak, but I have always wondered did you think you were sly as you walked down the streets did anyone but her ever notice as you tried to be discreet? Did anyone ever notice until the day she arrived, could no one else see the real you, behind another guise? Did you always think it weak to show your sensitive side, or your true intelligence you always had to hide? Before her, did you know courage was born deep in the heart, or that it's not real if it comes from tearing someone weaker totally apart? Had you always chased those seeking your help away, or were you finally enlightened when she sought your help that day? So as I sit here by myself feeling so alone, were you the one I could have turn to for help to make it home, but still I haven't found the answer so I'll just continue my journey and keep following the yellow brick road. Wicked Now that you're gone now that you're no longer here, I can't help but wonder will my words ever kiss your ear? Did you ever realize how much evil lived in your soul, that the answer to finding love is never found in power and control? Because of the evil in your heart it was never was what it was meant to be, as sweet as hers, pure of heart, even purer in deed. Now I think the house missed its mark by not landing on you that first day, before either she or I ever stepped on the yellow brick highway. Did it ever hurt you that you were never given a name, perhaps there's one reason you never knew any shame, how could you try to poison all how much did it pain..... When they began to awake when the snow finally came, did you ever realize...... mother nature wasn't the blame? Did it ever cross your mind it was you with the black and mangy heart, could it have ever hurt you deep when you never had a loving thought? When the final party began to start did you ever know, it would be you that died in a liquid inferno? But still I'm the victim of your evil ways, as I still walk alone on the yellow brick highway, though your long gone my heart still pays. As she clicked the heels of those ruby reds she used to wear, you were the one who always knew they never made another pair. Message In A Bottle I sit by myself writing a message about to throw a bottle toward the sky praying it's caught by an another tornado then carried to the rainbow's other side. Toto you're the one I now turn to should I never make it home please be there to comfort her should she ever feel this incomplete..... should she ever feel this alone. A Gift From A Friend What is this a whisper I hear coming from that shining light, sharing words of encouragement saying everything will be alright. My dear friend, when she jumped ship I knew she was never meant to stay, that her heart and home were very far away, she had learned her lessons the same as you have done today. So now the answer you seek has been with you all along, it's in the silver shoes those I gave you the first day. So let the joyous news be spread unlike wicked witches love is never dead. So before you click the heels three times of original pair, before you too vanish disappearing into thin air, this you have come to realize the most important thing over the rainbow after the Gale: The true beauty of love never dies in a heart, it can always be mended never really torn apart. True love was never meant to die as long as there are those willing to love such as you, such as I. Now that your journey's ended you take with you intelligence, tenderness, and courage. Softly I watch as you leave your friend, Glinda. Under the Rainbow As I click these heels three times when I finally make it home, will she still be there waiting under the rainbow or will I be alone? If it's in her arms where my story ends, I'll promise never to drag her heart somewhere over the rainbow again.

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