The Woman Who

The Woman Who Love came, and went. Except this time, you hurt me. A lot The way you betrayed me, the way you treated me. It was all so unnecessary, but you went and did it.\How could I forgive you for what you did to me. The way you lied and manipulated me over and over. 18 years I dealt with you. Not getting a break from the very woman who is supposed to give me a break. From the woman who tore me up mentally The woman who should’ve loved me unconditionally The woman who needed to guide me. The woman who is supposed to be my number one fan But to me you are the woman who tore me down the most. The woman who unloved me the most The woman who hated me the most The woman who gave birth to me The woman who is supposed to love me.

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  1. Yes, I too can really relate to a mother like this. The pain goes on and on. An unloved childhood continues to haunt. Resurrected by the least little reminder catching you unawares in the most unlikely places.

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