Try so hard to hind these demons inside They jump out, mess me up Good times when they come out to play I let them put my thoughts and worries away Lie that I have control and nothing's wrong in my world Never ending battle best friends till I beat them down again All sober, pointing fingers, but that's two faced and hypocritical Devils power always hiding within my skin Sorry I come out that way they make me think I'm okay Don't mean to be a hero and say I own them makes me feel better inside thinking i can overcome that posion Someone has to say it's easy if you try things blind you feel alive inside feeling undefeated and you can fly in the sky I would like to think it gives hope not to fall under that dark rope Everyone's not all there inside Fucking darkness in my mind deciding which way I say shit not knowing I just fucked over a relationship I'm losing too much with my shit attitude Making me feel better while destroying you That's not right Can't lose you cause of that voice that wants to fuck with my head its hurts fucker comes out in spurts I need your light It's stronger than mine Help me help you were stronger as two black cloud lingers behind we're sliding down life's rainbow saving what's left of life flipping it the bird no more darkness for us

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