A wanderer with the spirit of a wolf, chasing the moon and beckoning with the wind gyspy soul and vibrant hope for the unknown constant taste for adventure and stepping on untouched ground, tangled hair and bitten skin, fighting to find peace within, stormy skies comfort you the sound of waves and the melancholy movement of the jungle breeze, flying far overseas catching the morning light and breathing tropical air, the vastness of the horizon doesn't compare whisper your prayer follow your hearts desire, wandering and flying this plain fill yourself up with joy and light pour out the nightmare you hold inside of you let go. a lions courage and a deers meekness swallowing the stone in your throat, holding on to hope of feeling that estatic elation shared with another, clinging bodies and sweet tastes of strawberry kisses and locked eyes, entwined fingertips endless chatter about the universe and who we are, feelings of deep desire, unfortunate and always unlucky to be forbidden the thing you crave most carry on with the journey, strong and brave heart yet hollow and a little lost.

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