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The Fire and The Waning Moon

I had a dream one time about seeing a man with a dark shadow behind him. That was or is the inspiration behind the story. It was a about a man, doomed for all...

Long time ago, secluded deep within a forest, by a blue stream river, there lived a tiny village. In it, there was a legend of a handsome man, born with some pure wealth, of...


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A Party In The Park

~~   A PARTY IN THE PARK Outside the Hotel Santa Clara it's getting dark, and the night people are beginning to emerge from the shadows near the bandstand in the square. The dusk is...


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An American Icon discovered

A legend has been solved.  This very old, unique stuffed bear of mine. I just had to solve the mystery of who made this old bear of mine. 

For thirteen years I have been researching this very old, unique stuffed bear of mine. To discover it to be an original Teddy Roosevelt bear circa 1903. Hand made by Morris and Rose MIchtom...


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Too many ‘Pepper’

If Democracy is about majority then the Minority will never test it
I wish now that we hadn’t got to talking about politics that day! If we hadn’t, I would not be haunted by that unexpected, sad story which I can prove or disapprove. But the four...


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Dirty Fingernails

     On a night of the darkest skies, after a fearful day at the hands of the girl's father, Maria woke her daughter up after midnight, clambered her to the edge of our...


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The Maw

I found myself alone, which is something I must never do. The view from here is enough to drive someone mad, or so I’m told. They keep me from looking, shepherding my eyes away...


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This is a cute little story about a special Christmas gift for one special young girl. 

The snow colored kitten climbed into the front of the sleigh. Santa patted the little fellow, Roscoe, on the top of his head. The snow bit and nipped at the big man’s nose. ‘’Won’t...


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A possible King Arthur story.


Merlin and Mordred stand high above the red wasteland. Merlin dressed in a deep green robe with a tall pointed hat and a short beard of pure white silk. Mordred stood tall and lean...


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A Poor Man Who Became Rich

The meaning is to try and tell about a man and his life and how he was changed spiritually.  The love for God inspired me.


 Hello!  My name is Tom.  I’m an old man now living a quiet and peaceful life here in my hometown.  No longer do I live in the past or...


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Scientists including Astronomers, Laser Technicians, and Satellite experts are put together to Deactivate the early warning capabilities of a Chinese Satellite. They assemble at the Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin to use the high...


Brisbane Australia A tall young man in a classy Italian suit addressed the group assembled in the room. “My name is Lance Weston from the GGE, which is the...


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