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It can be interpreted in many ways. I can say it discusses human nature. How our behaviors are accompanied by something as dense as regret - and what that can do to us. The...
BlackClay Back in the earlier decades, on the wooden decks of the longstanding eminent ship, the Brooke, lived a tall hardworking sailor, Dylan Calder Coburn. Dylan was a fair young man. His golden threads of hair...


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What is it about buying pigs feet that makes me feel so alive?

Food and food writing always inspire me. This day I was inspired by pigs feet.
What is it about buying pigs feet… …that makes me feel so alive? Leaving the butcher shop yesterday morning, pigs feet peeking out of my newly acquired canvas tote emblazoned with the “Olde Towne Butcher” logo,...


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Frightened Doll


Comparing  deference culture

Frightened Doll After consuming the fourth glass of whisky, Gulab hastily tried to take Katia in his arms but she pushed him back and said: "Be patient, why are you in a hurry?" However,...


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Untamed butterflies

Life, people and travel are my 3 greatest inspirations..
Douglas Donohue has lived in Pasadena (a city in California, northeast of downtown Los Angeles) all his life. Doug has always been blessed with an eye for creative art whether it is admiring or creating it...


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The Lie I Told Last Christmas

The title "The Lie I Told Last Christmas" just jumped into my head and i saw myself writing. So many people do a lot of things to make sure they have wonderful...
It was two weeks to Christmas and the magnificent feeling of Christmas could be perceived everywhere. Very sophisticated Christmas decoration could be seen at every nook and cranny of Lagos, and that gave the...


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Inspired by my daily experiences and those of people around me



Linda was outrightly dejected.

She had gotten to the notice board only to see that the aggregate score attached to her matriculation number was just a little over her biological age. And she had...


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Fear, it's all in you, in your head. It's only as big as you make it. If you don't feed it, it just evaporates.

She was so hungry she could eat a horse. Her stomach growled again reminding her that it had not been fed since morning. She checked her watch, it was almost 6: pm. She closed...


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The Girl who got Lost in the Game Farmville 2

The meaning behind this story is that children get sad, and feel that they have no place to go or anyone to help them.

The Girl who got Lost in the Game Farmville 2

One upon a time there was a little girl name Melancholy. She had lost her mom and her brother. They passed away. She had become...


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I like Horror movies and the powers of the mind. I just linked them together to create a nice story.

Life as a lone Night Auditor at the Love Inn Hotel is precious for someone of my personality and character that is misanthropic thus quite independent. The Night Audit shift is usually quiet with...


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I Almost Killed

Experience inspired this and taught me that whatever we go through as human beings can either make us or break us but its finding ourselves and being able to declutter our brain and souls...
M I almost Killed. Migrating to Africa from Zimbabwe proved to be harder than I had anticipated. The SA government was not giving work permits at all and we watched as our visas and...


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