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One Last Time

To share some of my wonderful childhood memoriesof a loving and dedicated father.

Like some of you, God blessed me with the most loving and devoted parents a child could hope to have.

As the pages unfold of my childhood memories, it occurred to me that a good...


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The Magicians Code

The man’s eyes opened slowly due to the weight of their heavy lids. He didn’t know how exactly he had gotten to where he was. After the initial struggle, he was wide awake. He...


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The Hallway

There is a place, a rooming house, where the physical reality surrounding us is in perfect tune with, and in constant interaction, with our particular human complexities. Where if need be the unseen source...

It was the wee hours of the morning. I'd gotten up from bed to make the trek down the house hallway to the community bathroom. Our room was unusually dark, pitch black in fact,...


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The Spanish Boy by jake schick

The Spanish Boy by jake schick ig: @snakeisjake ​“The Spanish boy is really cute,” all the girls in the village say. “The Spanish boy is so athletic,” the Spanish boy’s soccer...


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The sun was barely peeking over the clouds as I sat down near the ledge. "There's just something about cold mornings." She said, hugging me tight. "Sprigs just around the corner." I thought. But the cold of...


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It is about Astral Projection and my life put together to make a great spooky but all ages friendly short story. It is also based on a true story.

– Based from the book, “HALLOW ONE” – by. Hallow One, aka. Brian Mehaffey

Life as a lone Night Auditor at the Love Inn Hotel is precious for someone of my personality and character that...


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From HereTo Sheboygan

When a young lady offers assistance to a man in a stalled car, she becomes the unwilling courier of explosive materials. Her risks and harrowing events at each stop culminate in an exciting and...

The day’s work was done, Sheila wrapped up her materials, put her hairbrush and wallet into her bag and turned off her computer. “I’m on my way Andy,” she said to her project partner...


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