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Too many ‘Pepper’

If Democracy is about majority then the Minority will never test it
I wish now that we hadn’t got to talking about politics that day! If we hadn’t, I would not be haunted by that unexpected, sad story which I can prove or disapprove. But the four...


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The Hallway

There is a place, a rooming house, where the physical reality surrounding us is in perfect tune with, and in constant interaction, with our particular human complexities. Where if need be the unseen source...

It was the wee hours of the morning. I'd gotten up from bed to make the trek down the house hallway to the community bathroom. Our room was unusually dark, pitch black in fact,...


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One Last Time

To share some of my wonderful childhood memoriesof a loving and dedicated father.

Like some of you, God blessed me with the most loving and devoted parents a child could hope to have.

As the pages unfold of my childhood memories, it occurred to me that a good...


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The Rugby Game

Rugby is a game that, from March to October is watched, debated, screamed at and idolised in every pub in South Africa from Cape Town to Musina! When at school I never wanted to...

 A Game for the Brain Dead!


Angus Murray


Rugby! Everyone has gone rugby mad! When I turn on the radio all I hear is rugby this and rugby that. It’s November, nearly the middle of summer...


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What inspired this story was the indiscriminate herding of cattles by herdsmen in the streets when they are supposed to be in the cattle ranches.

There had not been such illnesses in the history of Konto Community, a history spanning over one thousand five hundred centuries, as it was experiencing in recent times. The community was rife with acute...


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I Almost Killed

Experience inspired this and taught me that whatever we go through as human beings can either make us or break us but its finding ourselves and being able to declutter our brain and souls...
M I almost Killed. Migrating to Africa from Zimbabwe proved to be harder than I had anticipated. The SA government was not giving work permits at all and we watched as our visas and...


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This is a cute little story about a special Christmas gift for one special young girl. 

The snow colored kitten climbed into the front of the sleigh. Santa patted the little fellow, Roscoe, on the top of his head. The snow bit and nipped at the big man’s nose. ‘’Won’t...


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Dirty Fingers

        The family was quite content in their existence. The girls were dressed, always, in matching outfits. They had pinafores and petticoats, with white patent leather shoes of just the slightest...


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A succint flashback to my teenage years. I had failed an exam in school. I was at church when a successful classmate was announced for thanksgiving for exam success in church. She felt closer...

The rain clouds massed after scudding in slow motion, and the recurrent flash of lightening gave a false alarm of a thunder that...


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