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bang bang 2

Bang Bang! A violent thrust on the door.


'Hold on,' she says. I'll be with you now.


She wraps a towel around her waist, expensive waist which she always get praised for, An hour glass waist...


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What inspired this story was the indiscriminate herding of cattles by herdsmen in the streets when they are supposed to be in the cattle ranches.

There had not been such illnesses in the history of Konto Community, a history spanning over one thousand five hundred centuries, as it was experiencing in recent times. The community was rife with acute...


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The Legend Of Maria Ghost

I was obliged to write about one of the many urban legends of Namibia which i grew up with. Urban legends have never really been explored before in Namibia, or at least not to a great...

~~                                                                                                  The Legend Of Maria Ghost My name is Maria Kariepo, but I’m commonly known as Maria Ghost. Some have seen my true form while others have only claimed to have grasped my presence....


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Puppet with no strings

Looking now back to all my years I realised how lucky I’ve been in my life; I was married to the most amazing woman who gave me a lovely family full of joy. I’m...


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The Fortune Teller in 4 parts

This started as a 100 word Drabble but as soon as I finished writing it, a plot line appeared in the old brain-box. And as I wrote the ideas flowed freely. I knew where...


 She could smell him long before he entered the hut.

After much banging and shouting, he eventually found the door.

‘I wanna, you tell fortunes?’

‘Certainly.' the crone replied.

She tried to concentrate on...


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One size fits all

This story was inspired by an article in a woman’s magazine entitled

‘I lost 25kg and found a fella’

The story reported the tale of a young woman who had been told by her doctor that,...


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I make a soothing ascent from the toilet seat; appeased, pausing only to muse over my handwork. Satisfied, I appeal to the shiny lever at the angled extremity on the top right of my...


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Dirty Fingers

        The family was quite content in their existence. The girls were dressed, always, in matching outfits. They had pinafores and petticoats, with white patent leather shoes of just the slightest...


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20 Traffic Driving Sites To Promote After Publishing New ArticleBlog Posts

The quality of content is not sufficient, you need to take efforts to make your post content search engine friendly. I know, you have written your post, the goes through the checklist of 15...


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