Poetry Heals: A Poem About How Poetry Can Mend the Soul

Poetry Heals: A Poem About How Poetry Can Mend the Soul

The emotions which poetry can provoke are nothing compared to the ones which were felt when it was wrote, the pain or the fear, the happiness and the cheer. Those words tell a story of hell or glory. These words do not mask pain, nor do they offer fame, they are pathways to the soul and the pain which lies below the strength we portray to hide the disarray.

Depression effects the brain, heart and soul, so the cure must come from all those as a whole. Writing those feelings down upon a page may satisfy that rage, deep down inside we all feel, yet creative types are the only ones who bring it to the surface and allow it to heal. We express our emotions when lost in the vastness of the depressive ocean, when all hope is lost our words can rise us aloft.

Poetry and depression walk life hand in hand, brothers in the same clan, the feelings felt when the cards are dealt can only be explained by the poems our hearts have famed. Only when we explore our pain can we free our brain, poetry stops the world going insane, and it is not an art form done in vein.

Depression is a war that can start at any time. Who knows what will push it over the line, depression has an itchy trigger finger and when it covers your eyes in darkness it has been known to linger, depression is truly heartless, if you’re poor or rich it prays on you regardless.

Getting my thoughts out upon a page helps me control my internal rage, I don’t scream, fight or shout, I simply write. Anything at hand will be my canvas, my work of art, writing everything down, not to understand, but to let it out in a harmless manner, not worrying about such things as grammar, just write, write, write to make my world feel right.

This is my work of art, which comes from my mind, soul and heart and won’t stop until the war is won; nights spent looking for the sun, waiting for its return. On those nights I just sit and learn, learn about my soul and try to keep it under control.

Words are so strong; they may well be the reason why you feel this wrong. Take a deep breath and do not despair, words can also build and repair. Words can be the beginning of a storm, making the rain colder and the overcast sky look even more forlorn, they can also wipe those clouds from the sky and destroy those words which first made you cry.

Unbind your soul, heart and mind; write how you feel, never be afraid to be real. That piece of paper might be your only friend, but it wants to listen and in turn defend. The light you feel when you write can pull you up to a great height, once the words are upon that page; your heart is free from all that rage. Learn to live and don’t be afraid of the rage within, write your feelings down and let your journey begin.

Letting your anger out doesn’t always mean punching a bag or having a fag, writing can help you when you have no one to talk to. Get your feelings out, it’s just you and those pages in a boxing bout, do not allow your inner rage to become a cage. You see, when you write your feelings down a weight begins to lift, a frown rises, momentum shifts, when you write you hold YOUR world to right!

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