Frightened Doll

Frightened Doll

After consuming the fourth glass of whisky, Gulab hastily tried to take Katia in his arms but she pushed him back and said: "Be patient, why are you in a hurry?"

However, a brazen Gulab put his lips on her lips and in a short while they were both unbuttoning the shirts of each other. As soon as all the buttons were undone, the telephone rang. "To hell with them, these people make untimely telephone calls," Gulab muttered while picking up the receiver of the telephone. "Yes, Gulab speaking."

But on the other side, a voice emerged without any greetings: "You son of a pig, had I not told you not to defame us by this prostitute and take her with you. You could not send an invitation even in five years."

With this phone went off. Gulab could not understand the whole matter and apprehensions engulfed his mind. Then he quickly picked up the receiver and started dialling a number, but as he was pushing the last button Katia caught his hand. "You are an ill-mannered person. I had told you not to hurry. If you had to make phone calls, why did you undress me?"

"Please wait, it is a very important matter," Gulab replied.

"To hell with it, put down the telephone. You have made me horny. Come with me in bedroom."

Both of them had just got undressed for the second time when the telephone rang again. Gulab ran towards the telephone and picked the receiver up before Katia could do or say anything. "Hello."

"I am your uncle Jalaluddin. Your father was angry so he did not tell you the whole thing. I am informing you about it."

"Why, what has happened?" Gulab asked hurriedly.

"You wife of loose character has been caught red-handed with a man."

"My father talked in a symbolic way. Was she has killed or has she escaped unhurt?"

"Yes, shot dead at once along with that dog...."

"Who killed them?"

"Nasim, your son."

"Good. My lion. So now he too can fire a bullet?" Gulab asked with pride.

"He emptied two magazines on them," his uncle also said proudly.

This time, Katia snatched the receiver from him, threw it down and unplugged the telephone. "I told you to unplug telephone, if I get cooled down, then I swear that no pleading would work with me..."

Gulab swiftly started pleading with her. "Alright my darling alright. I admit my mistake but the call was very important."

"From where was it?" Katia asked.

"From my home in Pakistan."

"Was it from your wife?"

"Don't utter her name before me," the infuriated Gulab said.Katia smiled and said: "Since when I have become so dear to you?"

Gulab also said with delight: "You have always been dear to me."

Then he took deep sign and said: "But you love has cost me very dearly."

"Why, what has happened?" she asked.

"I have lost my wife."

"What are you talking about? Has she died?" she asked with surprise.

"No, she did not die but she has been killed."

"Who killed her?"

"My courageous son," he said proudly.

"What? Has your son killed his mother?"

"Yes Katia, according to our customs if a woman is seen in a compromising position with a man other than her husband, she is killed then and there," he replied with satisfaction.

She jumped, "What barbarism! a son ...his mother...."

Then she thought about something and said: "But we are not married and if your son sees me with you..."

"Fortunately, no such incident has taken place wherein a person has shot dead a male member of his family upon seeing him with a strange woman," Gulab replied in a satisfied manner.

Katia immediately asked: "Do you call that justice?"

But Gulab quickly responded: "Do I have to give a lecture on rights and laws? Come closer so that we can forget everything and draw up a plan so can get married tomorrow. Yes, I also need to send an invitation to my son to reach here."

Gulab took her in his arms but Katia quickly removed his hands from her shoulders. "If your son sees me with anybody else in the same way?"

"If he can murder his real mother, how would he spare his stepmother?" Gulab replied immediately.

Katia jumped up as if someone had scolded her. She rushed to the bedroom and started putting on her clothes. "This is barbarism, cruelty."

Gulab again started pleading. "Stay today, we will sort everything out tomorrow after thorough deliberations. Look, if there are some faults in our customs, there are some good aspects as well."

But she forcibly freed her hand, and with this, put an end to her five-year relationship with Gulab

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