The Girl who got Lost in the Game Farmville 2

The Girl who got Lost in the Game Farmville 2

The Girl who got Lost in the Game Farmville 2

One upon a time there was a little girl name Melancholy. She had lost her mom and her brother. They passed away. She had become so sad, all she would do is play her favorite game Farmville 2. Well, one day she was playing and she saw one of the characters that looked like a Farmer’s wife move on the computer.

She thought what is going on? Then the Farmer’s Wife came off the screen and said hey why don’t you join me inside my world for a while. Did she say huh? The Farmer’s Wife said come on and dragged her into the game literally. The little girl Melancholy became a part of the game. The Farmer’s Wife said I always wanted a little girl. Melancholy looked at her and said I don’t know what to say.

Well back on the other side, her father saw the computer was on, and couldn’t find Melancholy. He said Melancholy where are you? Melancholy saw her father, freaking out, wondering where his little girl was. She kept saying DADDY, DADDY? I am here!!

Well her father didn’t pay any attention to the game. He wanted to know where his little girl went. He had already lost his wife and was afraid where his daughter was. He looked under the bed, in the closet, and the attic. She could not be found anywhere.

Meanwhile, in the computer the Farmer’s Wife was preparing a room for Melancholy, to stay. She told Melancholy tomorrow we have a lot of farming to do. We have to make sure that we start by plowing the field. She said I don’t know how to drive a tractor. I think I am too small too. Oh well not hear in this magic world. I can make you grow taller so you can reach the pedals. Then I can teach you how to use the tractor. First, though you will have to use the tractor and cut the grass.

Melancholy wondered how long she would have to stay in Farmville 2. She was ready to go home and see her father. She missed him terribly. She started to cry. The Farmer’s Wife, said, “child why are you crying?” I said, “I miss my father.” “Well he will be back,” said the Farmer’s Wife.

The next day Melancholy woke up early before the Farmer’s Wife did. She found this sort of magical portal, and went through it, and came back out of the computer with all this blue stuff on her. The father, had waited in her room all night, and said: “where did you come from?”

She said, “ I was pulled into the game.” I finally escaped through the magic portal to get back here. Her dad was so relieved and mad, and said No More Facebook Games for you! You have to stop disappearing on me.” She said Gladly, I thought that lady was going to keep me in that world forever. The lesson of the story: is please watch what your children are doing online. You never know when a character may take them for their own.

The End


Charlene Hernes

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