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Here i am

I wrote the song about a boy that i love who gives me mixec signals and i got rly angry. Then i got this idea of this song !! !!!!
Verse 1 You said you would love me you said you would never leave but now my tears are drying out and everything is falling down i haven't heard in months from you for years since now...


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Rachel – I like It

Beyonce and Jay Z song - That how you Like it
ntro I like it Verse You’ve been waiting for a long time coming (Be patient!) You’ve been thinking about it all day long (we’re two worlds apart) You wish you could go back in time before you and I Well...


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I Often Cry When You Smile

These lyrics are prepared to help kids vision the world according to how it’s turning. They have to hit the ground running and the sooner they come to that realization is the safer they...

I often cry when I see you smile.

When I see you smile.

I remember the days when I was a child.

I can’t even begin to fathom why

Anyone would think of abusing a child.

I often cry...


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WARNING Mental Warzone WMW

The song can be interpreted in 3 different ways, it is mentally confusing but a piece of art that will leave you in awwe, feel free to comment and enjoy

The way I see it some of got punchlines incrypted on our souls.

Im no different from the others but what seperates me is my obsession with achieving my goals.

ive been sprinkled with stardust, mother...


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I wont fight again

Looking back at war


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The Open Road 2

This song is about the ending of a relationsip

~~The Open Road

I want to leave and to never return Spin those tires and make em burn

Head out on the open highway From now on things are gonna go my way

I’ve grown far too...


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The song is about a person leaving a relationship but realizing they made a mistake and want the person back. My relationship inspired me.

I miss your soft touch the way you held me tight I miss the sweet words you whispered at night since you’ve been gone my life hasn’t been the same come back to me...


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One Last Thing (Before You Exit)

This song is about my father leaving/passing away. It touches on loneliness, childhood lost, heart-break and hope, always hope.

I know what it’s like, To feel so alone, and lost in this world. Our lives are full of heart-ache. On the run from the hurt, the cold and the rain. It’s time to...


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Fear and shame kept me bound to brokenness and pain They made me hopelessly trust that he wouldn't hurt me again Yet day after day, time after time After each blow, he'd say you'll always be mine Chorus Do...


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Easy Come Easy Go

This song covers a variety of emotions and feelings that are symptomatic of unrequited love.
oooh i can almost feel it now oooh i'll summon up my strenght somehow some way i'll get through some how without you oooh i can feel it now it's gone oooh is this the calm after the storm where...


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