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The Woods

  I wanted to write a fictional song which had emotional content. I have always been a mummy's boy so I thought I should write about a young boy Losing his mother. My mum had leukaemia...

The woods

Verse 1 The boy he came home, he’d just finished school. He asked his mother ‘can I go out and play’? Mother said ‘yes but don’t be too long. We can do all...


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After Dusk but Before Too Long

This is about holding on to hope, in times when I might feel like giving it all up.

The night is falling and shadows come crawling but sleep, just sleep my darling

For I will keep watch over you even as the day fades away through the darkness I will stay

From the twilight...


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Where Do We Go feat Lisa Ambrose

Hip Hop/R&B artist Jake Aldridge combine’s with former Battle Of The Bands winner Lisa Ambrose, for this smooth R&B meets Hip Hop track. With production coming from the sensational ACJ Beats, Jake hope’s that...

Jake Aldridge – Where Do We Go – Lyrics




No Body Knows

No No No Body Knows

Listen To The Story About Our Demise, (yeh)

What We Fight About I Don’t Know Half The Time (Na)

Thinking That We...


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