We. You and I.

  • Posted by: Alana Dash
  • Created: February 3, 2018
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We all walk,

Until we have no choice,

But to stop.

And we all,


That everything in this world,

Could  be mine.

We can run,

As far as the border,

Of this land.

They say,

It's a free contray,

Then why can't we just,

Fall in love?

'Cause I,

Met you,

In a club on a Saturday night.

And when I,

Found out who you were,

It gave me,

Quite a fright.

You and I.

We all talk,

About each other's,


Gossip spreads,

Soaked in death,

And we get into,

Tons of fights ,

Over it.

We can fly,

Out of this country.

We can fly away,

out of this life.


As in you and I.

We can finally put on,

The perfect disguise.

And we can,

Start a new life.

Can we just,

Just go away tonight.

Maybe we could just,


You and I.



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