The Spanish Boy by jake schick

The Spanish Boy by jake schick ig: @snakeisjake ​“The Spanish boy is really cute,” all the girls in the village say. “The Spanish boy is so athletic,” the Spanish boy’s soccer coach says. “The Spanish boy’s eyes shine so bright, they blinded me. Now I can’t see. I need to get a promotion in order to pay these medical bills.” Lawrence Dincey said this. He didn’t know the Spanish boy very well, but he sure wished he did. The Spanish boy’s name is Madrid, and he’s from Copenhagen. He’s called the Spanish boy because he looks Spanish and people are racist. “You want an empanada?” People would say. “I’m vegan, gluten free, and have a serious eating disorder,” Madrid would say. People laughed because they thought the Spanish boy was funny. He wasn’t funny at all. People are just jerks. Madrid became sick of everyone misunderstanding him, so he went to the only person he knew he could talk to. “Welcome to Taco Bell!” Shouted Clyde Wister. Clyde was the manager of this Taco Bell, and he could do it all. Make the tacos, restock the fridge, take phone calls, yell out the greeting. Everything. “Hey, Clyde. We need to talk.” Madrid ordered a number three. It was prepared in four seconds. Clyde brought it out and sat down with Madrid. “Are people still calling you Spanish boy?” “Yes. Yes, they are, Clyde. My whole life. Why would that just change. Idiot.” “Woah, buckaroo, ease up, pony boy. Get off your high horse, and have a conversation. I’m here to help but if you’re gonna throw slurs at me, I’m gonna go back to work.” This Taco Bell was struggling to stay in business. The current promotion was “buy a side of cilantro, get seven tacos free.” “Hey, Clyde. I want to apologize,” mumbled Madrid. “What for?” “Well. I shouldn’t have used a slur. You’re not an idiot.” “Thank you for saying that, dawg. I appreciate you.” Clyde took a bite of Madrid’s taco without asking. He felt it was part of completing the apology. It was Madrid’s Penance. They were both extreme Catholics. “You been to confession yet today?” Clyde continued. “Yeah I went a couple times this morning, but now I definitely need to stop by this afternoon.” “Good.” “Yeah.” There was a lull in the conversation. They stared at the ceiling. Someone had scribbled clyde sux ass. Madrid remembered he had a taco. He ate the whole thing, and Clyde watched, wishing he could have eaten the masterpiece himself. A man opened the door. “Get down, I’m a school shooter!” The door chimed. “Get down I say. I say get down I say. Down you go I say get down.” Madrid was starting to think this was a bad rapper or something. Clyde spoke up. “Sir, this is a Taco Bell, not a school!” “Don’t tell me who I am!” The Taco Bell shooter announced. “You told us who you were,” Madrid contributed. The Taco Bell shooter stayed true to himself. “This is a school. A school of food!” “You’re thinking of a cafeteria!” Clyde was getting frustrated. Madrid was humming the rapper’s lines to himself. “Prove to me this is not a cafeteria, and I won’t shoot.” Clyde slowly stood up with his hands held above his head. “Okay. Well, you have to be over the age of 26 to enter this establishment, so that is proof no students are allowed here.” Clyde was always full of bullshit. It helped sometimes. This really made the Taco Bell Shooter Think. “Oh. Oh, no. I’m only 19. I shouldn’t be here.” He made his way to the door. “Wait,” said Clyde. “Stay. Everyone is welcome here.” “Aw gee wiz, cowboy, that means a lot.” Everyone smiled. “But I’m still gonna have to shoot you.” Smiles faded. Madrid spoke up. “Hold on one moment, I say. I say hold on I say. Where’s your gun?” The Taco Bell shooter searched his pockets but came up empty. ​“Shoot.”

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