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Dangerous to know

I am nearly 72. It is the first poem I have ever written and came almost effortlessly on the back of a Memoir (1945 - 2016) I felt compelled to write.


thinking of you.

bullying the air,

Asleep not asleep


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My Mental Illness

I suffer from schizephrenia, which inspired me to write this poem. 

 My mind waxes and wanes like the moon.  I need my best friend to make thoughts full.  A wave, flowing and ebbing along the shore;  I need my...


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Quarantine really sheds an interesting light on some personalities you're living with, ey? My first poem I've ever tried to write, so any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated! Enjoy.

Do you know the grief I feel being ignored by you?

When I tell you my needs and you cannot seem to hear,

Not once, twice or trice.

I am like an abandoned cat. Begging, pleading



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The men of today

real experience

The Men of Today


The men who grow their beards upside down

The men who watch the paint dry in their spare time

The men who hatch their egos whilst on gardening leave

The men who were born...


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Perfectly Me

I never wanted to be up here, On this golden pedestal where you placed me. Your gifts are unwelcome. This crown hurts my head. Sugar sweet I never claimed to be.

Please take me down...


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And i walk back to that Second

The poem is about a girl who survived a car accident.Her life could have been lost but due to the precautions she took, she was left unharmed.Later on when life gets hard and cold,...
AND I WALK BACK TO THAT SECOND.. I look at her eyes gleaming red with the arrows of her aching heart. I look into them...


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Own the Heart

The inspiration came from my heart wanting to take the other heart as it's own. Sex and Love are always going hand in hand, but in this poem, you think it's talking about sex,...
Baby you make it heated, Just stay where you are seated. Relax and let me place it, Not taking it as just one drum hit. We got all day, All I need is for...


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The short poem is about how I went from being shy to being to say what's on my mind. It's a summary of my experience with social anxiety.

Once was I, a little butterfly, Fluttering in the wind as I flew high, Reminiscing on the little I had reached, The approval of others that I beseeched.

Once was I, a little butterfly, Fluttering...


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In The End

She seems so sweet. She seems so nice. She seems as she doesn't want to die. She seems as if she has a home, But really she is all alone. He seems so...


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