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The Book is Being Written

And so amidst our burning, churning sun Lay the stories unfurling of our learning selves: Whether we bemoan the weather and its turning course Or relinquish trepidation to the skies. Said stories are blurred with burdened minds; Afflicted...


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The Dreary Faceless

He watches the rain that falls unwitting Of the people who shall scatter before it. And he sees the people who treat their minds To whatever may repose it. For he's met all kinds of shady...


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The Model House

This house in all its glory, This house in all its pride. Manicured daily to tailored eyes; In beauty and in size. There was a love of look and want of heart. Money was thrown at the...


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The Woman Who

This poem is about an adult figure in life who just wasn't treating me right.
The Woman Who Love came, and went. Except this time, you hurt me. A lot The way you betrayed me, the way you treated me. It was all so unnecessary, but you went and did it.\How could...


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A chance remark in a text message about a man cave

My dreams are majestic, magnificent and outlandish. They roar at the world like a lion, tearing apart the rotten fabric of existence; crushing, pounding, destroying savagely, leaving only what is good, to rebuild in...


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I was inspired by Henry David's Thoreau's Walden's Pond. Life as Thoreau describes it seems so unobtainable in the pace of our world today. As a result, we consume earthly pleasures to distract ourselves...
Walden Pond parched by revelry’s sponge Consumption’s bosom lures my spirit from purpose But I justify it. To survive. Is living distracted really to live?


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Untold Secret of the Sky

Some may conceive the blue in the sky, A proof of God, a treat to the eye.

Truth is its story is not holy, And this statement I declare boldly.

Neither has the sea,...


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The poem comes from sense-memory of road trips from Sydney to Canberra; the thrill of fast forward movement, changing scenery and gentle transition from light to dark. Like all journeys, it begins as flight...

Being from the city All my life, It feels like Flight from Urban strife At steady clip Beyond the forest wall Tall pine And eucalypt, Passing south As the sun fades Through countryside, Wide-eyed...


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