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The Dreary Faceless

He watches the rain that falls unwitting Of the people who shall scatter before it. And he sees the people who treat their minds To whatever may repose it. For he's met all kinds of shady...


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The Woman Who

This poem is about an adult figure in life who just wasn't treating me right.
The Woman Who Love came, and went. Except this time, you hurt me. A lot The way you betrayed me, the way you treated me. It was all so unnecessary, but you went and did it.\How could...


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In The End

She seems so sweet. She seems so nice. She seems as she doesn't want to die. She seems as if she has a home, But really she is all alone. He seems so...


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Because Angels Are In White…

Gods are not in the Pilgrim Scientists are in the search No one is working at that site Because angels are in white. Everyone wants a solution There is a low level of pollution Lockdown is increased to infinite Because angels...


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