Rains Trains and Jokers Carnival

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  • Created: November 20, 2015
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It's raining again

And we're not talking some kind of metaphorical rain 

That's representing pain

Or the bad times

That are clearly on their way

It's literally pouring down outside

I can already feel a cold coming on as a result 

And my socks are wet


Another pair of shoes are falling apart on me again

But I guess that's my fault

As I bought

What I thought 

Was the ethical choice 

No sweat shops

No leather 

And hardly a better


of quality

And my head is hurting again

And we're not talking the kinda headaches that pass

with a glass 

of water 

that oughta 

sort my

shit right out 

with a few tablets to set me on my way

We're talking headache of doom kinda shit 


And I'm seeing the word cancelled again

Be it my favourite tv show

Or my last train home

All I truly know 

is that it is hands down

The most frustrating word in my life

But it's alright

Because in the brightest days

And in the darkest nights

You are a celestial light 

That reminds me that life 

Is more than worth the fight 

So I try to ignite

The fire you put deep down inside 

Of me

The fire that makes me want to succeed

The fire

That inspires

All of my poetry

The fire that makes me want to be better than I could ever hope to be 

And then


I finally made it home 

Whatsapp you from my phone

Tell you I had the greatest day

And I can't wait to see you again soon

Get myself up into bed

Pick up my 360 pad 

And then

The Joker's mocking me again

I just wanted the million

And to own it as Nightwing

I've done it before

But I want to do it again 

I was just about to bank

When I lost my combination


I'm gonna go to bed

Watch me some Arrested Development Instead


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