“Just Trying To Survive”

“Just Trying To Survive”


People live in castles they call houses

But some just live in boxes by the road

And I remember seein people sleeping

In the bushes where folks would walk their dog


When I was young my daddy always told me

Son don’t talk to them their all just bums

But after school I’d go down to the train yard

And sit and listen as they would sit and spin their yarns


Every day I heard a different story

Some would talk about their better times

But every now and then I‘d hear a sad one

One so sad it make a grown man cry


But now that I’ve grown up I still remember

Even though it was so long ago

All those stories that they use to tell me

About how it really was out on the road


But even though I heard all of those stories

I can’t imagine what it would be like

Waking up alone and cold each morning

Then spend the day just trying to survive

Now here I am living in my castle

And driving me a big old Cadillac


I guess I could be out there trying to help them

But my daddy always said son there ain’t no looking back

Ya my daddy always said son there ain’t no looking back  

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