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Abusive and Seductive MARY JANE

two tortured souls fall inlove and the drama unfolds

I told her my love was abusive and seductive, she told me im the only she F#cked with !!!, so badly wanted to believe the story that she stuck with :(, viciously i told...


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I Often Cry When You Smile

These lyrics are prepared to help kids vision the world according to how it’s turning. They have to hit the ground running and the sooner they come to that realization is the safer they...

I often cry when I see you smile.

When I see you smile.

I remember the days when I was a child.

I can’t even begin to fathom why

Anyone would think of abusing a child.

I often cry...


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As the World Changes

As the title suggests, the world changes. Nothing stays the same way always. We have seen changes for the detriment of mankind. The lyrics address how these changes show up in different areas.  

As the World Changes

As the world changes,

Everything rearranges.

We’re going through phases,

It’s like mankind gets crazy.

It’s not just humans,

Things have a lot in common.

Whatever we do

Affects the environment too.

When we check out foods,

It’s obvious what...


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My Intuition

I think everybody can identify with a sixth sense telling you ahead of time what’s lying in wait. However, somehow there is always this lingering doubt that says you should not yield. Then you...

My Intuition

If I follow my mind,

I shouldn’t go wrong.

Something inside told me,

You were not the right one.

But I ignore the signs

And live to write this song.

My intuition, oh my, oh my,

My intuition!

It’s an incredible...


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The Woods

  I wanted to write a fictional song which had emotional content. I have always been a mummy's boy so I thought I should write about a young boy Losing his mother. My mum had leukaemia...

The woods

Verse 1 The boy he came home, he’d just finished school. He asked his mother ‘can I go out and play’? Mother said ‘yes but don’t be too long. We can do all...


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Wrong Mom Wrong Dad

Domestic violence has rampantly become a prominent feature on the menu of the matrimonial home, often within eyeshot of minors. This song is directed at showing the emotional impact on a young mind, given...

Wrong Mom Wrong Dad

When mom and dad separated,

I was so, so devastated.

When they decided to divorce,

That pain penetrated my pores.

Was ten years young, their only son,

Such untimely end to my fun!

It wasn’t about me...


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Love is Just Half the Answer

These are contents put together to demonstrate the short-sightedness of young lovers. Many younger folks can identify with that tingling feeling to escape to somewhere with their lover by their side. These lyrics tell...

Love’s Just Half the Answer

Our emotions had said it all.

Our hearts sent no mixed messages,

Couldn’t ignore writings on the wall.

The way I felt about you too,

There was nothing else I could do

Than to give...


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Married but Single

This a lamentation of one member of a married couple, trapped together for convenience. Sleeping under one roof doesn’t mean that a marriage is not a match made in hell. The words are vociferously...

Married but Single

Open up the door, I need some fresh air,

Now move out the way, daylight, reappear.

No more hide and seek, nothing else to tweet,

Rug’s now fully drawn from under our feet.

I’ve been married...


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He is MY Man

This is a creation based on ‘love’ seen from the eyes of a female. She seems to have an issue with the inevitable admirers and flings of her male partner, and rightfully so, but...

He’s MY man

Here comes my man,

Look at him, he’s so strong.

Oh those arms,

In them I belong.

Hold me, squeeze me,

Tease me, please me.

Get on your knees for me.

Oh. Those eyes, not to mention lips,

Finger-licking good,



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Kids are Kids

Kids have their way of speaking to us, not always picked up by their adult listeners. Those who don’t understand kids’ language might be tempted to misconstrue their efforts, thus leading to complications. This...

Kids are kids

They can’t think like us,

Instead they wink at us.

That’s just their way of saying

‘You are who we trust.

We have just made it here,

So show us you care.

Have a mind of our own,



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