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Where Do We Go feat Lisa Ambrose

Hip Hop/R&B artist Jake Aldridge combine’s with former Battle Of The Bands winner Lisa Ambrose, for this smooth R&B meets Hip Hop track. With production coming from the sensational ACJ Beats, Jake hope’s that...

Jake Aldridge – Where Do We Go – Lyrics




No Body Knows

No No No Body Knows

Listen To The Story About Our Demise, (yeh)

What We Fight About I Don’t Know Half The Time (Na)

Thinking That We...


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Magnetic Animalism

It is a love song on the birth of this planet to the birth of humans

a sort of attraction friction an ecstatic static electrical charge molecules vibrate within the space between contact a kiss the release of the beast within the very manimal created by the birthquake Magnetic Animalism


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It's about being lost and trying to find who you are, but it's also about hope. I've been struggling with myself for a long time and the more I search for myself the more...

sometimes you feel that the skies are grey

your heart is screaming

you just can’t find your way

you think your life has no meaning

you feel like you got lost and went astray

and that your heart needs...


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its about aman who wants tobe helped by sengas in his struggle of looking for a woman

njagala *3 omudemu


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The song is about deciding to LOVE.



I cannot hide behind this truth

That, I can’t live – life without you

You are the joy living inside me

Sweetie I love you so.


You are the strength keeping me on

You are...


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california grape

I got up again this morning to face another day, but I don’t need no one too tell me it`s my fault she went away. For I have been living with her memory, one...


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Zindagi Mein Koi Humsafar Na Raha

“Zindagi Mein Koi Humsafar Na Raha, Humsafar Jab Mila Toh Safar Na Raha Duayein Pehle Se Hi Thi Beasar, Ab Dawaon Mein Bhi Woh Asar Na Raha Zindagi Mein….. Pehli Dafa Hasraton Ne Banana...


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Just Treasure

Staring at the moon Wanna croon, but cannot croon croon croon When falling feel as if there’s a warning Throw away the ire, it’s no good tune I miss your kiss And...


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I did my best to change When the voice came from the heavens Up to the prime position of surrendering I was sent, but I was pleasant And sometimes I get scared When I hear those untold stories Close your...

“Mortal” by Chris McKnight


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