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Try so hard to hind these demons inside They jump out, mess me up Good times when they come out to play I let them put my thoughts and worries away Lie that I have control and...


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Gone gone

She should know me by now Pushing me away Shadowing what's bothering me Walking past me...


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The Unfair Absurdity The callous spit spat The disgrace, my dreams crushed The shoe on my hat I was in the clear, I saw Valhalla, Victory was mine. However, my glory was robbed, thunder stolen, By demeaning lying swine. To my writing...


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I have done it. Through the fire and flames (and furious dames), I have done it. The fear has washed away I am reborn I wash off the malus The treachery, the scorn I walk into the light, so even the blind...


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The Price of Patience

I am postponed mid-chrysalis, Interrupted from my finality My blood is boiling yet my rage is worthless The carpet is dragged from under me They will get away with it, For I am the bigger man, And whilst I am...


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It’s not happiness, I wouldn’t sully its good name with this feeling, It’s not love, love is too soft for the sharp flashes I’m receiving It’s not relief, for the worst is yet to come, It’s not...


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Waves Crashing, thundering roars The light returns, emotion soars Doubt is defeated, we rend it to naught Glory’s been won from the battles I’ve fought A miracle, a rally, a tremendous display, I brandish the widest grin, For I have...


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Breathing fast, lungs of fire, Cant think cant speak I’m stuck, adrift in my own nightmare, But im awake, Awake to see my world crumble Awake to see my worst fears realized I see it without sight though I feel it I...


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Phyric Victory

What is it to win? To win is to have everything in the palm of your hand, You have it all, Your enemies are silent, You have triumphed. In your victory, You notice not the smoking craters in your wake nor...


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What is guilt? Guilt is a phyric victory It’s a black dot in the sun, A gust of cold wind in paradise It’s your lover’s fading from her face, Leaving nothing but the question, Should I? If you shall, all...


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