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I see it being built, in the eyes in a mirror reflecting the house inside made by bricks, woods, and stones replaced by the fires of guilt. Caught in the echo of the...


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An Ending With a Broken Rhyme

My home is the ocean. The waves and the collapsing

of the bubbles without certain figures. Of nothing

but ever-changing, amidst the stillness of the vast emptiness

underneath the surface of these waters. The darkness

echoing below, surviving...


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Receding in a Negative Narrative

It’s not the time to seek refuge

to the fulfilling peace brought by razors

and delicately harness the pain from my thoughts

until I cry out your name in anguished voice.


The words are cutting deep

to my chest...


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Collectors of the Nectar

This is a Villanelle, based on the subject "Butterflys and Bees", but was not accepted. I am still keeping the piece as I feel I can use it in my next book of poetry,...

Collectors of the Nectar


As Rose does open her petals wide in the morning light

The collectors of her sweet Nectar advance like army drones

They hover over her colored petals filled with delectable delight


Floating just above...


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This is a Rondel, based on the story of the songstress, from the story "1001 Arabian Nights".

She told the tales, to keep the Sultan at enthralled

Majestic narrations of wondrous places and adventures

Stories of adventure, of magic, and vast treasures found

So that each night the Sultan would want to hear more




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No one understands the pain of a person who has been betrayed in every walk of his life

Don't ask me how I am, don't ask me how feel.  Don't ask me how I am, don't ask me how feel.

Don't ask things you don't mean, coz its not a really big deal. 



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Today, I tried to comfort my 13 year-old self, But there was nobody there, nobody listening. It's so cold over there, So lifeless and sad.  And come to think of it, I'd rather...


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Dressed In Black

About a certain girl...

Dressed in Black,

Shes always dressed in Black.

So alike we are,

Yet so far apart,

Yeah, were the same.

She staggers in,


I stumble in,

Vodka and Gin,

She offers me,

I take a sip,


Poison lips,

Then we kiss,

Just for fun,

Our lips meet,



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Inside A Steel Box

Inside a steel box

walls, moving

towards their victim


There's no escape 

from the horror, locked up



take a breath,

give up.




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