I look at you, you look at me.

In each other's sight but partially see.

Two different people in a cloud of thoughts

That individually found us & together us brought.

To the picture I could front, but up front you're intense.

Can't avoid to confront, you under no pretense.

Gotta look into your eyes, and yeah they got me.

You weed out the lies, but your look doesn't taunt me.

Dark on my skin, dark deep within.

Light Angel Soul, wrapped around in sin.

You're aware my eyes are covered with a sharp look

But you recognize their intent, is to reveal me like a book.

All 5 senses are heightened.

Heart rates up but we're not frightened.

To clarify the situation, we're not fighting.

We're just perceiving, now the darkness is lighting.

I look at you, you look at me.

We're in front of each other, of all places to be!

So now I'm here & you're there.

At each other we both look & glare.

I don't even get aggressive when you stare.

If you were someone else, I'd feel like ripping his hair.

I wouldn't be starin' at him so I'd think it wouldn't be fair

But I wanna be the subject of your visuals, anytime, anywhere.

Electrifying, the sense of touch.

To all our body receptors, the sensation is too much.

We hold our hands up: chacha with our fingertips.

Delicate feeling - so sublime, it's a trip!

One, two. One, two. Exhilaration.

Look, feel. Look, feel. Familiarization.

Short breaths. Closing gap. Unifying separation.

Compulsive fluster, more than our hearts can muster. Trepidation.

I'm exposing myself, I'm emotionally naked.

Never put myself out there so much. Feels like I can't take it,

But the rawness itself of my nature, is so told.

You've thus been given the strength now to let nature unfold.

Your hand on my shoulder. You look back into my eyes.

I put my hand on your waist - it's no surprise.

Tender caressing, oblivious of time.

I've become yours, and you are mine.

Your other hand's on my face, stroking my beard.

I glide my other hand down your waist. We're not feeling weird.

Like a rehearsed play, we got it locked down and are on point.

Is it really us, or is the temperature rising in this joint?

I blink at your lips.

You put my hands on your hips.

What follows is obvious, but this -

Is like the fulfillment of another wish.

The room is silent but we're not hush.

In different ways we're communicating in a rush.

Like a champagne bottle, we're about to pop.

Yet neither of us wants to make this experience stop.

Once again let it flow. The emotions take course.

Attracting towards each other, we're under its full force.

We rub onto each other's noses: Eskimo!

We giggle & laugh on petals of roses. The best 'We' show.

You stroke the back of my neck.

Arms locked behind your waist? Check.

The moment is hopeful like dawn & romantic like sunset.

Don't know whether to move in or wait it out's the best bet.

Our eyes dance the Tango now.

You like my look and your look's Wow!

My cheesy smile lights across my face.

You stare at me for a moment, like lost in space.

Two predators. Built for the kill.

Easing like spectators - calm and chill.

Take a moment of gratitude to celebrate our will.

The Law of Belief mentored us in the formation of this skill.

You blink at my lips, I lose control.

In a tight embrace, warmly each other we hold.

From each other we've perceived so many incredible moments, and not one did we miss.

The end of this magical chapter, begins with a kiss.

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